New commercial project will hurt Heritage Lakes

info@islandpacket.comSeptember 1, 2013 

When my wife and I first moved to Heritage Lakes 14 years ago, it was a beautiful, peaceful development. At this point, not only have things gotten out of hand, they also are about to become disastrous.

First, the Malphrus Construction Co. site was developed into a shopping center right at our doorstep. Not long after that came Lowe's. Traffic now far exceeds what one would want in a residential neighborhood. Bluffton Parkway, although very convenient, added a great deal of traffic, primarily from those seeking a shortcut to the parkway.

Now comes the clincher -- a request for regional commercial zoning at Malphrus Road and Bluffton Parkway. That would bring total destruction of the beautiful, serene neighborhood we originally moved into. The Beaufort County Planning Commission takes it up Thursday. I know that a group of residents showing up at a meeting will do little to stop this abortion.

As they say, "Money talks and you know what walks." Can't Beaufort County do something to preserve this beautiful community? Please, someone help.

Leonard M. Cyrlin


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