Still plenty of reasons to march on Washington

info@islandpacket.comAugust 27, 2013 

Why are Southerners afraid of blacks?

If I recall correctly, it was the white Southerner who enslaved blacks, raped their women, sold their children, and lynched those who dared escape to seek freedom.

Then freedom came. A people who had been dehumanized had now to fend for itself, knowing nothing about working for wages and having no education.

But then, yes, the black man built his own schools and started educating his children, and as long as he lived in separate areas of town, as long as he or she knew his or her place, all was well. Remember "The Help"?

But then, the black man wanted his rights as a citizen and to vote as any citizen of a democracy can and should. So there came the fire hoses and the dogs and, yes, the burning crosses and the killings by those faceless white men.

But the black man continued his struggle for his rights peacefully, and he was assassinated. He continued on to become president and he is consistently politically lynched by the same white men who are now trying to prevent the black vote (check the 15th Amendment).

And the black man marched again on Washington on Aug. 24 to remind all those Southern men and women who pride themselves on their Christianity, that they should look into their hearts and their history and face themselves as those who should be feared.

Marisa Sherard

Lady's Island

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