Thank you to Covert Aire for generosity in helping elderly woman cool home

letters@islandpacket.comAugust 26, 2013 

I was recently asked to help a senior lady in need, and upon a visit to her dwelling, I was overwhelmed with what I observed.

She needed so many everyday living essentials. She especially needed air-conditoning. The temperature inside her home was 102; vandals had destroyed her unit.

Generic emails were sent to four companies doing business in the Bluffton area, seeking the possibility of obtaining an old unit that might still have some life to it and perhaps headed for recycling. A response came with an offer to inspect the dwelling to see what, if anything, could be done to help.

Mike Covert of Covert Aire looked around for quite some time before announcing that he could help. I asked for the cost as the lady listened. When she heard Mike say, "Nothing," she started crying, shouting. "Today is my birthday," and I knew it was.

While many passed by this injured person, one good Samaritan healed her wounds.

My sincerest thanks to Mike, whose company installed an HVAC system for free.

There remains more life necessities for her, and while some have risen to help, much more remains to be done. Thanks, Mike.

Don Cotnoir

Sun City Hilton Head

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