Some thoughts to ponder on a humid summer day

info@islandpacket.comAugust 26, 2013 

Some random thoughts while three-putting from four feet:

Does it strike anyone as hypocritical that our government is so concerned about bullying in schools yet they authorize the biggest bully on earth, the Internal Revenue Service, to terrorize law-abiding U.S. citizens?

• President Barack Obama seems much more comfortable greeting championship athletic teams in the White House than he does making the critical and consequential decisions he was elected to do. A prime example would be his famous disappearing act, one that would have made Houdini proud, on the night of the Benghazi tragedy.

• Is anyone else fed up with the progressive "do-gooders" in Washington telling us how we should live our lives and make sacrifices while they ride around in SUVs, travel on private jets, extricate themselves and their staffs from participating in the Affordable Health Care abomination and generally live like royalty?

• Rumor has it that Obama is supposed to be a constitutional scholar. I was just wondering whose constitution; it obviously isn't ours.

• Has anyone ever seen Sen. Harry Reid and baseball commissioner Bud Selig in the same room? I think they might be the same person.

• Just learned that Al Jazeera will be available on many cable networks. Isn't that redundant since we already get their slant on the news from NBC, MSNBC and CNN? I heard that "Baghdad Bob," Saddam Hussein's infamous information minister, would be anchoring the nightly news with White House press secretary Jay Carney.

Kevin Baruth


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