Recreation Results, Aug. 25

sports@islandpacket.comAugust 25, 2013 


The Golf Club at Indigo Run

Results of Ladies day tournament held Aug. 20; Format: Shamble; 1. Brenda Christiansen, Lois Clauer, Meg Scott, Darcel Werts; 2. Anita Jewell, Marianne Kinsey, Ruth Sheak, Linda Tibey.

Results of Men's day tournament held Aug. 21; Format: 2 best ball of 4; 1. Jan Steffe, Joe Carter, John Varol, Floyd McKeag; 2. Trent Gardner, Steve Siegelbaum, Marv Lich, Dick Hanson; 3. John Kern, Tom Briley, Don Creamer, Ron Raih; 4. Dick Sheak, Abby Petkov, Tom Fitzgerald, Roger Halpin; Closest to the Pin -- Jim Costa, Dick Schuster, Roger Halpin, Drew Butler.

The Golf Course at Pleasant Point

Results of the Women's day held Aug. 20; 1. Sam Ballenger, Mona Gaither, Gail Mallott, Judy Wiggins.

Results of Men's day held August 20; 1. Don Dryg, Joe Dobratz; Closest to the pin -- Don Dryg, Frank Porter, Tom Richardson.

Results of tournament held Aug. 20; 1. Kia Mallott, Ros Sommers, Tom Glans; Closest to the pin -- Kia Mallott, John Marvin, Herman Gaither.

Moss Creek

Results of Ladies day tournament held Aug. 21; Format: Step-Aside Scramble; 1. M. Blasdel, D. Hengemuhle, M. Malmsherimer; 2. (tie) J. McGavisk, N. Everett, P. Finnie, J. Gibbons, P. Calf, K. Wirtzberger, B. Kindred, A. Barreca, C. McClurg, J. Minnich.

Palmetto Hall

Results of Men's group tournament held Aug. 21; Format: Best 3/2/1 (By 6's) Net Format; 1. Roger Healey, Rainer Kuenkel, George Salemi, Al Vingelen; 2. Mickey McAlexander, Roy Haynes, Rich Penwell, Blind B; 3. Ron Tindall, Gus Christ, Fred McNamee, Darryl Day; Closest to the Pin -- George Salemi, Steve Fobes (2), Darryl Day.

Port Royal Golf Club

Results of Ladies 18 holer tournament held Aug. 20; Format: Round Robin; 1. Jolanta Taylor, 2. Carolyn Strauss, 3. Shirley Poates, 4. Betsy Papale.

Rose Hill

Results of MGA Men's Day held Aug. 20; Format: 1-2-3 & 1-2-3 Best Ball; 1. Mike Danyi, Dick Timcoe, Ed Varcho, Greg Vavoso; 2. Jack Diver, Bob Williams, George Edell, Bob Wright; Low Net -- George Kelly; Closest to the Pin -- Mike Danyi.

Senior Men's Golf Association

Results of tournament held Aug. 19 at Savannah Harbor; 2 better ball of 4; 1. Pat Libro, Joseph Macchia, Larry O'Neil, Earle Lockhart; 2. Shack Green, Joseph Ondo, Dave Lunka, Stephen Kmeth; 3. John Esposito, Bob Lachenauer, Jim Delmore, Joseph DiChiara; 4. Larry Archibald, George Cheatham, Arnold Gellman, Mike Danoff; Closest to the Pin -- Bob Holben, Francis Zeleznik, Joseph Macchia, William Boyles.

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