Marine Corps must tell more about F-35B noise

info@islandpacket.comAugust 23, 2013 

Recently, a horrendous noise was heard over Beaufort. On looking up, I saw what I believed to be two F-35Bs heading into Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort. They were coming for the Aug. 20 unveiling of the F-35B at the air station.

Now possibly we will learn about the harmful effects of the F-35B on local communities. Anxiety, high blood pressure, hearing loss are said to be associated with this new warplane as it flies over communities like Beaufort.

But why have Marine Corps officials told us so little about what noise levels can be expected and over what parts of Beaufort County?

Possibly they don't want it known what harmful health effects and diminished property values are to be expected.

And all this for a warplane that is inferior to Chinese and Russian counterparts and may never be used in current wars, where drones are the effective weapon.

David T. Uehling


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