Military, local officials must protect all citizens

info@islandpacket.comAugust 21, 2013 

Our Marines and their families make enormous sacrifices in service to our country. These are neighbors who have sworn into or married into the Marines.

But what about our neighbors who are not empowered and did not volunteer but will be making enormous sacrifices because of the F-35B? What about the harmful noise that endangers health and more severely children's health and ability to learn? What about the value of property, estimated to decrease by 1 percentage point with each decibel of noise above 50 decibels, as well as property being rendered "not compatible with residential use"? And what about the increased risks of new aircraft crashing within the first year?

The cost to the well-being of citizens who can no longer retreat to their home and neighborhood for safety, security and peace of mind is an immense price to pay.

Citizens were led to believe by local leaders that a remote alternative landing field could be used to mitigate the F-35B's harm.

Is it not the mission of the military and our government to, above all else, protect the well-being of its citizens -- all of its citizens?

Louise Uehling


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