'Barbecue trail' to mark where South Carolina's best small-town pulled-pork joints are

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South Carolina State Tourism officials have announced that a tasty path is on the horizon for barbecue lovers. A "barbecue trail" will be promoted throughout our state in an effort to help us hungry "que" fiends find the best of the best slow-cooked meat in every nook and cranny of South Carolina.

If you have ever spent time meandering the backwoods and small towns of our state you might have just happened upon one of the small family-operated barbecue joints.

The barbecue is usually cooked on what many might consider a primitive contraption. Trust me, these people know what they are doing. The meat is cooked slowly for 12 or 14 hours. There is always a secret ingredient involved, and you should never ask what it is. Banana puddings and amazing coleslaw are usually along for the ride.

The advertising agency chosen for all of this fabulous fun campaign is the Bluffton-based BFG firm, and they plan to start at the end of August. There also will be a barbecue trail website guiding visitors to the rural locations. Many of these out of the way emporiums are only open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

The really old-timey ones only open Saturday.

The folks at BFG probably should give John Treadaway a call, because if anyone has traveled the far reaches of South Carolina and eaten at backroad barbecue shacks it is him.

Of course, we Blufftonians all know where we can get our fix ...

  • Ridgeland's Turpin Park has a beautiful new addition -- a tree house. Wayne Edwards and his son, Heath, are almost through constructing their latest creation. For the past four months these two artistic geniuses have been busy designing and putting together what will be a delight for youngsters in Jasper County.

  • In spite of all that Mother Nature could hurl at them, area children will soon be enjoying a beautiful piece of art.

    The tree house includes a bridge between two trees, a hammock, swings and, to top it all off, a zipline.

    Wayne and Heath have done many similar projects in many parts of the world, on Hilton Head Island and here in Bluffton at Palmetto Bluff. Now Ridgeland children will be able to enjoy this wonderful creation for years to come. What a special present the town fathers of our neighboring town have presented to their children. Wayne Edwards is also a painter of some reknown, and you can view his work at Four Corners Gallery on May River Road in Bluffton.

  • I was reading the want ads this morning in The Island Packet when I spotted this ad: Some poor soul lost her engagement ring on the same day she became engaged in Sea Pines. It was probably too large and slipped from her finger. Just in case you are tooling around Sea Pines and are at Sea Pines Shops or at Harbour Town Marina, look down. If you see a sparkling object, call 570-854-9501, and you will make two people very happy.


    1 cup blueberries

    1/2 cup ice

    1/2 cup plain Greek yogurt

    2 tablespoons soy milk

    2 tablespoons orange juice

    1 tablespoon honey

    Put everything in a blender and blend until smooth. Makes: 1

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