What's her secret?: 'Patience is a virtue'

abredeson@islandpacket.comAugust 19, 2013 

Sarah Ferrebee, center front row, sits for a portrait with, from left, John IV, Anna, 10, Kara, Sallie, Elizabeth, 15, and John III on Tuesday afternoon at her home on Hilton Head Island.

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Name: Sally Ferrebee

Husband: John, deceased

Town: Hilton Head Island

Children: John and Sallie; grandchildren John, Elizabeth and Anna

Occupation: Retired radio personality, publicity director and gardener

Biggest pet peeve: Disloyalty

Favorite mommy moment: "(Grandson) John's Lacrosse games," she said. "They made me cry. ... And his graduation in 2011. Elizabeth's cheerleading definitely brings tears to my eyes. And Anna. Anna just turns it on all the time. She's just a funny kid."

Most challenging moment: "The most challenging moment I've ever faced is every time someone said to me, 'Can you do this? Have you tried radio? Have you tried this? Do you think you could do this?'" Ferrebee said. "Never say no to anybody. When they want you to do something, give it a try. Pull out all the stops."

Stress reliever: Prayer. "Just turn it back over to God. ... He's been a lifesaver. That's how you get to be 90."

Advice for other moms: "Patience is a virtue," she said. "I think of all the things mothers have to go through and the way it affects your lifestyle, patience is a gift that I wish all mothers would have because it would help a lot. Don't be so hard on your kids when they're growing up. Growing up is hard enough as it is with all the pressures that are there today because it really is a pressure-filled world for young people. We didn't have that. ... Our lives in the 1940s were about as simple as you can get."

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