Bay Street plan works against city businesses

info@islandpacket.comAugust 18, 2013 

I own two stores on Bay Street. It was with jaw-dropping awe that I received the news of the Bay Street closure.

I understand planning, scheduling and the need to maintain our roads, but I don't understand the lack of consideration given to the businesses that operate on these roads.

In addition, I don't understand the "pretend you are a rug and let the federal government walk on me" mentality. "I can't do anything" is an accurate statement; if you don't try, you definitely can't.

Where were our mayor and other elected officials in this matter? Why were they not contacting state Rep. Shannon Erickson, who is actually working on this, the S.C. Department of Transportation and others to attempt a rescheduling or another alternative? Why is money being spent for a night closure on Ribaut Road and not in our historic downtown? Why was I the one contacting these individuals and doing what should be done to try to rectify this situation? Why are the questions I asked Mayor Billy Keyserling regarding this matter unanswered?

Most of all, the majority of the businesses on Bay Street are owned and operated by individuals who rely on the traffic in this area to survive. That is why we pay the extra money for this location.

A street closure around the Labor Day holiday would be a devastating financial setback.

Am I mad? Yes. This was not representation of the people who have elected City Council.

Darlene Kelly


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