Attention-getting trash signals something wrong

info@islandpacket.comAugust 18, 2013 

I would like to express my gratitude to the newspaper for shining a light on a very important issue: the Republic Waste Services contract with the Town of Hilton Head Island and the damage it is doing to our community.

Whether people live here or vacation here, we expect them to notice our natural beauty, miles of well-maintained bike paths and harmonious town layout, not our garbage. When you are noticing garbage, there is a problem, and that problem began when the town designated Republic as the sole contractor for waste pick- up services.

In particular, Republic's failings are evident in the villa communities used for tourist rentals, which are an integral part of our tourism industry. Their garbage pick-up needs are unique and have always been well-managed in the past. In other words, nobody used to notice the garbage. Now that Republic has taken over, we notice the garbage due to missed pick-ups, strewn garbage and overall sloppy service.

Villa communities take great pride in maintaining their buildings, landscape and common areas. Now that Republic is the sole waste collector, their hands are tied, and they cannot find solutions to the poor service. It is my hope that Republic either meets the needs of all of their paying customers or the town terminates its contract.

Mike Mortimer

Hilton Head Island

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