Loud music bigger issue than what's on television

info@islandpacket.comAugust 16, 2013 

I have better things to do than write a letter to the newspaper, but after reading a recent letter, I just had to respond to someone who decides what bank, nail salon and doctor to go to based on what the business has on TV.

When I go to my bank, I don't stop to watch TV if they have one on. I take care of business and leave. When I go to have my nails done, I watch what the person is doing and have a conversation with them. When I go to my doctor, I'm there for a reason, and it is not to watch TV. I usually take a book with me, which makes the time go by faster if I have to wait.

If any of these places want to have the TV on, that's their business. I'm not being forced to watch it, and the volume is usually low.

What people who have written letters on this subject should be more upset about is the loud music we have to put up with in restaurants when we would just like to have a nice quiet dinner. This sometimes applies to doctor's offices and beauty salons, where you have no choice but to sit and listen to it.

Bonnie Dove


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