Panel shouldn't delay fixing state standards

info@islandpacket.comAugust 15, 2013 

Recently, the South Carolina Parents Involved in Education ( was made aware of a state Education Oversight Committee draft resolution involving a recommendation on Common Core standards.

Because of the content, SCPIE felt it necessary to email the members of the Oversight Committee to share its concerns about Common Core. Because of the emails, Chairman Neil Robinson decided to pull the resolution.

Here is part of the resolution: "If at any point during implementation of the Common Core State Standards, independently verified data document that: Students are not graduating from public schools in South Carolina able to compete globally for jobs in the 21st century or that students are not college and career ready; or if local decisions about what and how to teach are threatened to be taken from the state districts and schools, then the EOC may recommend to the state superintendent of education and the state Board of Education that South Carolina, in collaboration with higher education, revises its English language arts and mathematics standards to create new South Carolina college and career readiness standards in English language and mathematics."

This resolution tells me the committee now has doubts about its support for Common Core. It must know that local control has already been compromised by their accepting Common Core, and that measuring graduates' ability to compete globally will be nearly impossible. It should not wait until Common Core has failed our children; it should act now to revise our language arts and mathematics standards.

Bert Walker


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