Back to drawing board on trash-hauling contract

info@islandpacket.comAugust 14, 2013 

The number of service stops missed on Hilton Head Island by Republic Waste Services is only the tip of the iceberg.

The company's contract does not require it to furnish and insert plastic bags, replace lids properly or retrieve debris that falls to the ground. With the many multifamily communities, potentially thousands of lids are left upside down to fill with rainwater and become breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Liners lie in the bottom of the cans, and debris is left on the ground.

The challenges of refuse collection in multifamily communities are different than those in owner-occupied houses. Only the newspaper has the power to pressure the Town of Hilton Head Island to go back to the drawing board to correct this problem. The town needs to include property management companies, rental agents and condo regime boards in designing a new contract.

Before the town dictated refuse collection by a single company, creating a revenue stream for itself and forcing locally owned haulers out of business, this problem would have been solved. A more detailed contract would have been written and Republic fired.

Town government's greed to generate a new revenue stream by jumping on the "green" wagon, driving local haulers out of business and not bringing parties representing multi-family developments to the table has resulted in our substandard service. Had we let free enterprise work, the problem would not exist. But then the town would not have its revenue stream. Fire Republic, redraw the contract, take the revenue stream and pay for proper service.

Roger Jones

Hilton Head Island

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