Many people don't want forced viewing of Fox

info@islandpacket.comAugust 13, 2013 

I have read enough of the negative responses about businesses tuning their TVs to Fox News. I too am offended. Although I enjoy fairy tales, I do not enjoy Fox News.

Even my bank chooses Fox News. Why? As a financial institution, it should be watching CNBC. But certainly CNN would be my choice if I were in charge of the remote. I like MSNBC, but I know that it is a little biased, even though Morning Joe has Democrats and Republicans evenly represented. The point is, I have watched Fox News and made my own opinion. It's a fairy tale with hateful endings; please do not force it down my throat. I will choose not to frequent your place of business.

Yes, I have made changes. I changed my nail salon. The new one has classical music playing softly in the background. My old one had Fox News. My husband was getting surgery and in the hospital waiting room, I asked them to change the channel, and they did. To all public places: Many of us do not like Fox News. Doctor's offices, please take note.

Carol Bosco

Sun City Hilton Head

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