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School name: Beaufort Elementary School

Grades: Pre-kindergarten through 5

Address: 1800 Prince St., Beaufort, SC, 29906

Phone number: 843-322-2600


Enrollment: 700

First day of school: Monday, Aug. 19

Class times: 8:15 a.m. to 3:15 p.m.

School mascot: Sammy The Seagull

Principal: Gary S. McCulloch, McCulloch was born in Scotland, grew up in Canada and came to the United States on soccer scholarship. He has played professional soccer in both Scotland and the U.S.. He has a Bachelor of Science from Alderson-Broaddus College, a Master of Education from Wilmington University, and an specialist degree in administration and supervision from the University of South Florida.

Administrators: Mildred Glover, assistant principal,

Head of guidance: Meredith Fent,

Teacher of the year: Shelly Brutcher is a dynamic first-grade teacher who challenges students to perform to their potential, according to her principal.

School uniform: Tops -- red, white or royal blue; bottoms -- black, navy blue and khaki

PTA/PTO contact: Doug Fent,

School Improvement Council contact: Gary McCulloch

Three reasons to be excited about the start of school:

1. Beaufort Elementary School starts the "The Responsive Classrooms -- Morning Meeting." This will be a school-wide initiative that will engage students in a greeting, activity and discussion, aimed at helping children grow and feel valued in their classroom. Morning meeting focuses on building community, increasing student investment, and improving academic and social skills, according to the principal.

2. The school will focus on inclusive educational practices that will challenge and develop all students. Our faculty will be engaged in differentiated instructional strategies throughout the course of the school year to assist with their implementation process to meet the needs of all students.

3. The school promotes its "Together We Can" mantra into all of our practices. Together We Can Learn is a student-centered approach to scheduling, instruction and supports for all students. Together We Can Help Our Community puts each grade level in partnership with charities to give back to the school community.

School name: Coosa Elementary

Grades: Kindergarten through 4

Address: 45 Middle Road, Beaufort, SC 29907

Phone number: 843-322-6100


Enrollment: 460

First day of school: Monday, Aug. 19

Class times: 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

School mascot: Bobcat

Principal: Carmen Dillard,, 843-322-6146. Dillard, formerly of Atlanta, moved to Beaufort five years ago and became principal of Coosa Elementary. She has been in the education profession for more than 26 years, as a teacher, assistant principal and principal. In Georgia, she earned a bachelor's degree from Mercer University, a master's in educational leadership from Georgia State University, and was recognized two consecutive years as a Georgia High Performance Principal by the Georgia Department of Education. Her husband, Dennis, and she have four grown children.

Administrators: Lynn Patterson, assistant principal,, 843-322-6145

Head of Guidance: Nicole Bossak,, 843-322-6123

Teacher of the year: Melissa Pender is a two-time graduate of the University of South Carolina, with a bachelor's degree in early-childhood and elementary education, and a master's in administration. She also earned a master's degree from Lesley College in technology integration. She has worked within the Beaufort County School District since 1997 as a classroom teacher, teaching students in kindergarten through fifth grade, and currently serves as a computer lab teacher at Coosa Elementary. She has developed a one-of-a-kind technology curriculum that enhances students' writing and research skills integrating science and social studies, according to her principal. Pender also is chairwoman of the PBIS initiative, serves on the Coosa Lighthouse and School Improvement teams, serves as secretary of the School Improvement Council, is a Seven-Habits Lighthouse facilitator and, this coming year, will serve on the district's strategic planning committee.

School uniform: Polo-style shirts in green, yellow, or white. Khaki, navy blue, or black non-denim bottoms, which can include pants, shorts, skirts or jumper for girls

PTA/PTO contact: Tammi G. Ivey, PTO president,,; Rachel Guss, vice president

School Improvement Council contact: Audra Powell, chairwoman and parent representative; Mary Mashke, co-chairwoman and parent representative,

Reasons to be excited about the start of school:

1. Coosa is celebrating its second year as the first "Leader in Me" school in Beaufort, which is based on Stephen R. Covey's "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People." In addition to expanding leadership experiences, students can participate in STEM-associated after-school sessions with LEGOs and robotics, thanks to a Department of Defense grant.

2. The school's expanded fine arts program with award-winning art and music teachers will develop the artistic abilities of each child, according to administrators. Look for Coosa students involved in the community showcasing their talents in leadership, the arts, and academics.

School: Lady's Island Elementary

Grades: Pre-K - Fourth

Address: 73 Chowan Creek Bluff, Beaufort, SC 29907

Phone: 843-322-2240


Enrollment: 310 students

First day of school: Monday, Aug. 19

Mascot: Ospreys

Principal: Marvelle L. Ulmer, 843-322-2292, Marvelle Ulmer, a native of Beaufort, is married to George L. Ulmer. She is the mother of Caitlin (11), George Corbitt (9) and Caleb (6). She is in her 22nd year as an educator in the Beaufort County School District and has served as an administrator for five years. She has taught second, third, and fifth grade, as well as gifted and talented classes, using the inclusion model and reading intervention. She matriculated from Winthrop University, where she earned a bachelor's in elementary education. Subsequently, she earned a master's in curriculum and instruction from the University of Southern Mississippi (1997), and a master's in educational leadership from the University of South Carolina (2007). A former student and teacher at Lady's Island Elementary School, Ulmer is in her fourth year as principal at her alma mater.

Administrator: Melissa Holland, assistant principal, 843-322-2276,

Head of guidance: Kelli Harper,, 843- 322-2283

PTO/PTA contact: Veronica Stephens PTO

School Improvement Council contact: Jonathan Brown, 843-441-3837,

Teacher of the Year:

Three reasons to be excited about the start of school:

1. The school will start a reading program for second-graders, who will become "Rock Star Readers" if they demonstrate reading stamina and an appetite for a balance of nonfiction and fiction stories. This new program emphasizes fundamentals of reading and encourages students to become life-long readers.

2. One third-grade class will use iPad Minis throughout the school day, and two more devices will be used in primary classrooms during small-group reading and math instruction.

3. The school will continue its focus on health and wellness. Students may participate in yoga classes, LEAP, and running club.

School name: Mossy Oaks Elementary School

Grades: Pre-kindergarten through 5

Address: 2510 Mossy Oaks Road, Beaufort, SC 29902

Phone number: 843-322-2900


Enrollment: 440

First day of school: Monday, Aug. 19

Class times: 8:15 a.m. to 3:15 p.m.

School mascot: Owl

Principal: Donald Gruel is entering 26th year at Mossy Oaks Elementary and 13th as principal. He is a product of the Beaufort County School System and obtained both his undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of South Carolina.

Administrators: Tara Mack, assistant principal,, 322-2900

Head of guidance: Carol Brediger,, 843-322-2900

Teacher of the year: Angela Allen is a native of Orangeburg. She received her undergraduate and graduate degrees from S.C. State University. She has been at Mossy Oaks since 1990 and currently teaches second grade.

School uniform: Top colors are solid red, white, blue or black; bottom colors are solid khaki, black, or navy.

PTA/PTO contact: Dawn Vosbury,

School Improvement Council contact: Nichelle Tyson,

Three reasons to be excited about the start of school:

1. Students can opattend a weekly science lab. This will provide them many opportunities to grow as scientists and as inquiry-based learners.

2. With the move back to a visual arts program, the school will bring in a new visual arts teacher who is a recent graduate of the University of South Carolina. Students will take weekly arts classes.

3. Several staff changes will make learning exciting and fun for our students this year, administrators say.

School name: Port Royal Elementary School

Grades: Pre-kindgergarten through 5

Address: 1214 Paris Ave., Port Royal, SC 29935

Phone number: 843-322-0820


Enrollment: 288

First day of school: Monday, Aug. 19

Class times: 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

School mascot: Mariners

Principal: Chavon Coleman Browne, 843-322-0834, Chavon.Browne@Beaufort.K12.SC.US.

Browne is a native resident of Beaufort County and attended St. Helena Elementary, Lady's Island Elementary, Robert Smalls Middle, and Battery Creek High schools. This is her second year as principal at Port Royal Elementary. Previously, she was a middle school teacher and an elementary school assistant principal in Beaufort County.

Administrators: Marvin Clay Fowlerm 843-322-0850, Marvin.Fowler@Beaufort.K12.SC.US

Head of guidance: Kimberly Gadson, 843-322-0860, Kimberly.Gadson@Beaufort.K12.SC.US

Teacher of the year: Carmen Bell will be teaching fifth grade this school year. She has taught second grade for the past three years, and has taught students as old as sixth graders.

School uniform: Red, white, and navy tops, with khaki and navy bottoms

PTA/PTO contact: Susan Seckinger, Susan.Seckinger@Beaufort.K12.SC.US

School Improvement Council contact: Brian Herrmann,; Rebecca Polk,

Three reasons to be excited about the start of school:

1. "In Our Own Backyard" is an initiative sponsored by the SIC, to help students discover all the cool, exciting and wonderful things that the town of Port Royal offers. Students at all grade levels will take walking field trips to a variety of establishments around town that can be connected with their grade-level curriculum.

2. The Link Beaufort is a religious organization under the direction of Pastor Mike Green, and will be partnering with Port Royal Elementary School to provide mentors to students who can benefit from additional support in the areas of academics, character education and socialization skills.

3. After school clubs are coming. The school is adding more after-school clubs for students in grades three through five. Clubs offered will include science, fitness, art, music and books.

School name: St. Helena Elementary School

Grades: Pre-kindergarten through 5

Address: 1025 Sea Island Parkway, St. Helena Island, SC 29920

Phone number: 843-838-0300


Enrollment: 485

First day of school: Monday, Aug. 19

Class times: 8:15 a.m. to 3:15 p.m.

School mascot: Panthers

Principal: Nicole Holloman, 843-812-4339, Holloman served as an assistant principal at Beaufort High School and at Broad River Elementary School. From 2007-2011, she was an assistant principal at Hartsville Middle School in Darlington County. She was a Spanish teacher and guidance counselor from 2001-2007 at middle and high schools in Georgia and in Dillon and Hartsville. Holloman has a Bachelor of Science from Georgia Southern University, a master's in education with a focus on guidance and counseling from the University of Georgia, education-specialist degree from the University of Georgia and a master's in education with a focus on administration from the University of South Carolina.

Administrators: Matthew Hall, 843-838-0369,; Yolanda Goethe, 843-838-0362,

Head of guidance: Sara Reynolds-Greene, 843-838-0332,

Teacher of the year: Eve Weaver is a Nation Board Certified teacher and a Marine Corps veteran who has taught school for 20 years in kindergarten, first-grade, second-grade, and fourth-grade classrooms. She has a bachelor's degree from the University of South Carolina and a master's degree from Michigan State University. Before moving to Beaufort County, she taught for the Department of Defense School system in Okinawa, Japan.

School uniform: Hunter green, gold and white shirts; khaki pants, shorts, jumpers or shorts

PTA/PTO contact: Alnitra Barnwell, 843-838-0300

School Improvement Council contact: Faye Alston, 843-917-826-6035

Three reasons to be excited about the start of school:

1. After looking at 2013 PASS scores and recognizing the possible number of academically gifted children that have been cognitively groomed and developed at St. Helena Elementary School, the school is focused on a homecoming theme to heavily recruit zoned students to return to St. Helena. Almost 40 percent of the school's students scored "exemplary" in at least one domain of PASS testing.

2. The school will participate in the Student Government Association, starting at a school level and progressing toward community integration.

3. In promoting the vitality of Spanish Immersion, student-friendly Spanish signage and international Skype correspondence will be included in Spanish classrooms for upper grades.

School name: Beaufort Middle School

Grades: 6 through 8

Address: 2501 Mossy Oaks Road, Beaufort, SC 29902

Phone number: 843-322-5665


Enrollment: 635

First day of school: Monday, Aug. 19

Class times: 7:30 a.m. to 2:35 p.m.

School mascot: Gryphon

Principal: Carole Ingram, 843-322-5665, Ingram has been principal of Beaufort Middle since 2004 and a middle school educator for 28 years in Beaufort County. She is a graduate of Valdosta State University and the University of South Carolina. She was S.C. Principal of the Year in 2009, a Board Member of S.C. Association of School Administrators and president of the Middle Level Division. The school won a Palmetto's Finest Middle School award under her direction.

Administrators: Carrie Grilli, assistant principal,, 843-322-5672; Jerry Henderson, jerry.henderson@beaufort,, 843-322-5667

Head of guidance: Dee Black,, 843-322-5697

Teacher of the year: Alexis Hines teaches mathematics at Beaufort Middle and has just completed her master's degree in mathematics at the University of South Carolina. Her innovative instructional strategies engage her students in real world connections to mathematics, her principal said.

School uniform: Follows the Beaufort County School District policy, which includes black or khaki pants, skirts, or shorts; solid red, black, or white collared shirts.

PTA/PTO contact: Parent Action Council chairwoman Nichelle Tyson,, 843-263-7267

School Improvement Council contact: Lakinsha Petty,, 843-322-5451

Athletics booster club contact: Nichelle Tyson,, 843-263-7267

Three reasons to be excited about the start of school:

1. The school will start the day with a motivational message, a new feature on our school's morning news show. Each "message" will feature a person in our county who will share a character trait, based on personal experiences, that is important to success in school and life. Community members interested in participating in these pre-recorded messages may contact Laura Richardson, school media specialist.

2. Drama and chorus teachers, both new to Beaufort Middle this year from other "Arts in the Basic Curriculum" schools in South Carolina, will be teaming up for music education and performance, funded through the school's Distinguished Arts Program Grant from the State Department of Education.

3. Beaufort Middle School collaborates with the University of South Carolina Department of Environmental Engineering to engage all students in critical thinking and problem-solving in their science classes. Funded through a grant from the National Science Foundation, USC professors will visit our classrooms and work with our students as they create and implement hands-on lab experiences.

School name: Lady's Island Middle School

Grades: 5 through 8

Address: 30 Cougar Drive, Beaufort, SC 29907

Phone number: 843-322-3100


Enrollment: 725

First day of school: Monday, Aug. 19

Class times: 7:15 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. for grades 7 and 8; 8:15 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. for grades 5 and 6

School mascot: Cougar

Principal: Mona Lise Dickson,

Administrators: Auman Kates,; Greg Hall,

Head of guidance: Lori Howell,

Teacher of the year: Carolyn Dennis is the literacy coach at Lady's Island Middle. She works with teachers to build their capacity in literacy and holds weekly book club meetings with students to increase their love for reading.

School uniform: Khaki, black and navy blue pants for all grades; hunter green, black and white tops for 5 and 6 grades; burgundy, white and royal blue tops for grades 7 and 8

PTA/PTO contact: Thomas and Kelly Causey,, 843-470-0112

School Improvement Council contact: Kimberly Burgess,, 843-705-4443 Athletics booster club contact: Michael Rentz,

Media contact: Auman Kates,

Three reasons to be excited about the start of school:

1. Students will continue to produce the Cougar Track News in the morning and provide updates for parents on our AM radio station. Parents and community members can tune in to 1610 AM and listen each day for Cougar Happenings.

2. A computer game-design course is now a part of the Gateway to Technology courses. Students will be able to use a 3-D printer and create computer games.

3. Lady's Island Middle will become an "Arts in Basic Curriculum" school, integrating the arts throughout the school's instruction.

School name: Beaufort High

Grades: 9-12

Address: 84 Sea Island Parkway, Beaufort, SC 29907

Phone number: 843-322-2000


Enrollment: 1,425

First day of school: Monday, Aug. 19

Class times: 7:30 a.m. opening bell; 7:40 a.m. class starts; 2:30 p.m. dismissal

School mascot: Eagle

School uniform: Green and White

Principal: Corey Murphy, 843-322-2108, Murphy became principal of Beaufort High in June 2012. He was principal at Great Falls High for five years and before that an assistant principal for four years at Camden High School in Kershaw County, SC. He also taught high school biology and chemistry classes at Eau Claire High in Columbia and at the South

Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice. In the U.S. Army Reserve, Murphy serves as the battalion logistics officer for a unit that trains Army drill sergeants.


Thomas Barr, Assistant Principal, 843-322-2091,

Cindy Rini, Assistant Principal, 843-322-2090,

Margaret Thomas, Assistant Principal, 843-322-2143,

Daniel Tooman, Assistant Principal, 843-322-2175,

Herbert Glaze, Dean of Students, 843-322-2142,

Head of guidance: Michelle Painter, Head Counselor, IS, 843-322-2112,

Teacher of the year: Estee Williams, Algebra 1/AP Statistics, 843-322-2074,

PTSO contact: Rose Cole, 843-263-4612,

School Improvement Council contact: SIC Chair, Scott Shipsey 843-322-3138

Athletics booster club contact: Jonolyn Ferreri,

Media contact: Leah Roche, Media Specialist/Webmaster, 322-2085,

Three reasons to be excited about the start of school:

  • The fall launch of our new advisor/advisee program -- W.I.N.G.S. The purpose of this program will be to have teachers meet with small groups of students twice a month

  • to engage in meaningful dialogue to help them achieve their career and educational goals.

  • This year at BHS, students will have opportunities to take courses in Biomedical Technology, Debate, Game Design, and Cyber Security. There will also be new advance placements courses offered including: Art, French, and European History.

  • BHS announces a new Small School! The school of Health Professions has been retooled and renamed to the school of Medical and Consumer Sciences. The new school will incorporate a wider

  • variety of course offerings as well as several new honors and advanced placement courses.

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