Recreation Results, Aug. 11

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Bear Creek

Results of 18-hole ladies tournament held Aug. 8; Format: Scramble; 1. Judy McLaughlin, Ann Carter; 2. Carol Jackson, Nancy Lachapelle.

Results of 9-hole ladies tournament held Aug. 8; Format: Scramble; 1. Jo Nuce, Felicia Pascal.

Country Club of Hilton Head

Results of WGA tournament held Aug. 7; 1. Beth Taylor, Ruth Schroeder; 2. Susan Foster, Chiqui Muller; 3. Linda Henderson, Marty Eidemiller; 4. Chris Kohlhepp, Chris Iulo; Closest to the Pin -- Brenda Hand, Leslie Gilroy.

Results of MGA tournament held Aug. 8; Format: 1 better ball of 2; 1. Denny Jones, Patrick Falciglia; 2. Dean Hergert, Ian Gudgeon; Closest to the Pin -- Denny Jones.

The Golf Club at Indigo Run

Results of WGAGC Step Aside Scramble held Aug. 6; 1. Cynthia Odell, Mary Jo Etter, Christine McKeag; 2. Sandy Marshall, Brenda Christiansen, Ro DiCanio; 3. Anita Jewell, Kay Flint, Marianne Kinsey, Linda Tibey.

The Golf Course at Pleasant Point

Results of the Women's Best Net tournament held Aug. 6; 1. Mary Edmonds, 2. Priscilla Stewart

Results of Men's day held Aug. 6; Format: Individual Point Quota; 1. Tom Richardson, Don Dryg; Closest to the pin -- Frank Porter, Tom Richardson (2)

Results of Wednesday's Team Best Net event; 1. Kia Mallott, John Marvin, Ros Sommers; 2. Joe Dobratz, Ben Hill, Herman Gaither; Closest to the pin -- Herman Gaither, John Marvin, Frank Porter.

Hilton Head Island Junior Golf Association

Results of HHIJGA Championship held Aug. 5-6 at Secession Golf Club and Hampton Hall Golf Club; Boys 13-14 -- 1. Dan Azallion, 2. Evan White, 3. Brooks Dyess; Boys 15-18 -- 1. Jonathan Phillips, 2. Wesley Long, 3. Benga Torialo; Girls 11-13 -- 1. Jamie Hubbard, 2. Rachel Wohn, 3. Madeline Prince; Girls 14-18 -- 1. Kylie Nizolek, 2. Meredith Langs, 3. Meredith Wipper.

Results of HHIJGA Shootout held Aug. 8 at the Colleton River Club's Boreland Course; Boys 8-9 -- 1. J. Gariti; Boys 10-12 -- 1. M. Green; Boys 13-14 -- 1. C. Ingram; Boys 15-18 -- 1. J. Phillips; Girls 8-10 -- 1. R. Weaver; Girls 11-13 -- 1. K. Thorne; Girls 14-18 -- 1. K. Nizolek

Island West

Results of Men's day tournament held Aug. 8; 1. Ernie Lewis, Steven Sheetz, John Putnam, Gary Goodridge; 2. Dave Zander, Phil Dembowski, James Hall, Charles Michael; Closest to the Pin -- Steven Sheetz, Gary Goodridge, Greg Watts, Matt Cassidy.

Lady's Island

Results of Men's Golf Association tournament held Aug. 8; Format: Skins; 1. Larry Beckish; 2. (tie) John Donat and Jack Shaffer; 3. (tie) John Dansby and Fred Fehlauer; Closest to the Pin -- Bob Kiessling, George McMurtry, John Donat.

Moss Creek

Results of Ladies day tournament held Aug. 7; Format: One Gross plus One Net; 1. D. Hengemuhle, S. Sommerstein, J. Minnich, MJ Reeves.

Results of Ladies nine tournament held Aug. 8; Format: 1 of 3 Shambles; 1. M. Barrell, K. Doran, D. Lane; 2. (tie) B. Wilson, L. Bauman, W. Robinson, J. Crudden, C. Grish, D. Walcutt.

Rose Hill

Results of MGA Men's Day held Aug. 6; Format: 1-2-3; 1. Mike Danyi, Dave Bullett, George Edell, Len Marino; 2. Jerry Wells, John Klinger, Al Harris, Bill Smith; Low Net -- Jerry Wells; Closest to the Pin -- Len Marino.

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