For Beaufort artist Audrey Montgomery, painting is in her 'jeans'

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    The S.C. Watermedia Society has its 36th annual exhibition through Aug. 24 at Coastal Discovery Museum on Hilton Head Island.


It's a scene that might not get a second glance in an everyday setting -- an old pair of jeans slung over a chair. But put in the right context, it's worth a closer look.

Beaufort artist Audrey Montgomery won Best of Show for "Taking a Break" at the S.C. Watermedia Society exhibit at the Coastal Discovery Museum. The detailed still-life beat out dozens of watercolors from artists statewide.

Montgomery has been painting since childhood at the encouragement of her artist grandmother. She now paints in her spare time while helping her husband, Rob, manage Montgomery Architecture and Planning in Beaufort.

Montgomery explains how her old jeans became a painting.

Question. How did this painting come about?

Answer. The jeans are mine from high school. I just could not part with them. They meant something to me. I never really knew exactly why I kept them, but I guess I figured out the reason now. They're draped over a chair that belonged to my grandmother.

I have painted those jeans three or four times in different positions. I was just looking for something a little different.

Q. Do you typically paint a lot of still-life?

A. I like still-life. I like closeup details, close up of objects.

Q. I saw a lot of detail in the painting, like the fringe on the jeans.

A. That was the fun part. I have to work not to overdo that. Sometimes I focus too much on the details.

Q. How long have you been painting watercolors?

A. Since 2009. I took a watercolor class here. I was just fascinated by it. I went out and bought watercolors and have been painting since.

I have a degree in archetecture from Auburn (University) and a degree in interior design from University of Georgia, which was through the art department. So I ended to taking art classes and really getting into art there, too.


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