Like shopping, fishing is all about practice

rodcrafter@islc.netAugust 4, 2013 

My fondness for discovery created a pile-up in the aisle at one of our local shops recently.

Some last-minute ramblings had me backed into a corner answering an array of questions, from fishing and hunting to my favorite rib recipe, and why I choose one of those over the other.

To be honest, I enjoy the questions and occasionally being recognized as a sort of go-to guy for answers. The little lady who controls the purse strings also enjoys these interruptions. While I am detained, it gives her the opportunity to shop within her budget.

Jean has a method of mild madness on occasion, but usually balks at my suggestions for the new and different. And so, I browse the meat aisle and she handles the rabbit food and other essentials.

There was a time we pushed separate carts, but that was halted about the time I discovered there was a hardware section in most of the stores. Like Tim Allen of "Home Improvement" fame, I found a home among the need-to-get and gotta-haves.

All stores of lesser choice by men should have an entertainment section. It's only natural that the women of our world have time among the aisles, and they rightfully deserve every opportunity. They need to get out and about in pursuit of the lesser necessities that keep them content, well wrapped and adequately heeled.

Men, on the other hand, have a need for discovery beyond okra and stylized shoes. The ability to locate just the right item among an indefinite number of other less obvious choices is itself a challenge we embrace.

All men are hunters and gatherers. We seek the elusive among the waters and woods, and when forced to do otherwise among the tile and glass confines, we desperately seek a modicum of familiarity essential to our survival.

And on the seldom occasion my reputation may precede truth and understanding, with total candor and humbleness, I will provide an answer for those who inquire.

Take, for instance, the last question posed on this particular day: "Have you been catching any fish lately?"

For fear my parking space would be vacant if I lingered any longer, I bid farewell and simply stated, "My lures have been practicing for years and I am not far behind."

Fishing Forecast

Sunday fishing should be centered between 8:56 to 11:45 in the morning, and 2:05 to 3:55 in the afternoon.

Everyone Gets to Fish

If you want to get your line in the water and reel in the big one, but you don't feel confident with your angling skills, be sure to attend a Family Fishing Clinic.

These events, sponsored by the DNR Aquatic Education Section, are designed to introduce the basics of fishing to the young and old or anyone in need of a refresher. The clinics teach skills on how to tie a fishing knot, rig a rod and reel, and how to cast your line.

The clinics are free of charge and you can register online at www.dnr.sc.gov/aquaticed/fishingclinic.

For information regarding an upcoming event, contact Lorianne Riggin at rigginl@dnr.sc.gov or 803-737-8483.

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