Businesses can tune TV to channel they choose

info@islandpacket.comAugust 2, 2013 

A recent letter writer opined at length about Fox News being on a TV at an establishment she was visiting. She obviously hates Fox News.

Just a few points here:

  • The business, as you do in your home, has a right to have their TVs set to whatever station they want.

  • I doubt they can afford to hire a person with the title "channel changer." If an establishment's employee changed the channel for every person who wanted to watch a different channel, I doubt that employee would get little else done.

  • Here's a novel idea -- don't watch. I go in places of business all the time that have stations on that I don't watch at home. I simply don't watch.

  • But that takes self-restraint, and it's also called being tolerant of others even if they don't agree with my point of view.

    Bud Cox


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