Devise a better plan for Sea Pines Beach Club

info@islandpacket.comAugust 2, 2013 

Congratulations to The Island Packet for such good coverage of the Hilton Head Island Board of Zoning Appeals ruling regarding Sea Pines Beach Club and especially Tuesday's editorial.

The board's behavior was reprehensible on many levels; the only appropriate word I can think of is "charade." I was one who had a verbal agreement with Sue Ehmke to represent me in the appeal. It was ignored that a verbal agreement is binding in normal law practice. They then chose to sweep 26 notarized powers of attorney away like trash. Obviously, lots of people went to a lot of trouble to pursue their right to appeal.

Please know that Sea Pines residents applaud Sea Pines Resort for its effort to refurbish the beach club. We need it. It will benefit all of us. But when my son and grandkids come I won't have a place to park unless I go at 8 a.m. We live nearly three miles away and drag a lot of stuff -- beach chairs, coolers, umbrellas, sunscreen and towels.

Wouldn't it be easy for someone on town staff to say, "We made a mistake"? Off-site parking is not an acceptable answer when the shuttle service would be paid for with residents' money. Imagine getting on a shuttle with all that beach stuff.

We can come up with a better plan, a compromise. It's the American way.

Michael Garvey

Hilton Head Island

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