Decisions on beach club unnecessarily divisive

info@islandpacket.comAugust 1, 2013 

Your July 29 editorial was on target. Those objecting to Sea Pines Resort's plans for the Beach Club aren't against a new building.

They oppose the resort's submitting misleading data for the Plantation Club and Beach Club projects to circumvent town regulations on required parking and the town planners' admissions of not fulfilling their duty to check the specifications. Despite this critical omission, they defended their (in)actions and opposed residents' complaints. Why?

Increasing the size of the building more than 250 percent, eliminating the sand buffer where kids play and people sunbathe, while reducing the available parking, defeats the building's beach-related premise.

The new club would be a corporate entertainment complex with bars, restaurants, shops and offices, not a beach club, with the upper floor off limits to beachgoers. An identical project near Coligny would be called a commercial development, not a "park."

It's a great shame that the company's actions have been so self-serving, divisive and counter-productive -- not just for Sea Pines Resort, but for our whole community.

It's not too late for the company to start listening and adopt measures to try to deal with the adverse impact of this gigantic building, which will rise more than 50 feet above ground level, an entity alien to the concept Charles Fraser had for Sea Pines.

It's of concern that the Association of Sea Pines Plantation Property Owners and the town have approved this objectionable project.

Forcing objecting residents into an unaffordable legal situation will be a Pyrrhic victory for Sea Pines Resort.

Tom Kemeny

Hilton Head Island

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