Harry Potter turns 33; Stephen Colbert denounces N.C. barbecue sauce; and Obama gets bunny ears

pdonohue@beaufortgazette.comAugust 1, 2013 

Hilton Head Island band Cranford & Sons are officially changing their name to Cranford Hollow.

Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones are leaving "Parks and Recreation." 

Rolling Stone ranks the top 50 greatest live acts right now.

A production company specializing in adult films have agreed to stop naming their films after Ben & Jerry's flavors.

Captain-chef Annie Mahle tells Bon Appetit how to cook in really tight spaces.

The Smithsonian's Food & Think blog has a post on what nearly caused the death of American brewing.

USAToday wonders aloud whether uber-popular fast food chain In-N-Out is overrated

Today is Harry Potter's 33rd birthday. In case you were wondering.

Can eating cheddar cheese help prevent cavities?

As you might have heard, Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper is in big trouble for a racial slur he hurled at security guards at a Kenny Chesney concert. As an Eagles fan, I'm appalled and don't think cutting Tim Tebow's former roommate at Florida fro the time would be out of line given the nature of this discretion.

And, apparently, Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Phil Sheridan agrees, writing this morning that the team did not do enough to punish Cooper

Soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo threw out the first pitch at last night's Los Angeles Dodgers game and... well, just watch.

Wired's Angry Nerd makes the case that once infallible Pixar Studios has sold out.

New music from rapper Drake, who seems pretty proud of himself. 

Proud son of South Carolina, Stephen Colbert, denounces North Carolina barbecue sauce and takes a pretty funny shot at Charlotte.

Can you imagine someone doing this to JFK? Good grief.

 Best paella ever? Certainly the biggest.

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