Lessons learned from living a fulfilled life

Special to The Sun City PacketAugust 1, 2013 

A fulfilled life has taught me to ... Ignore the calorie count on the bag of Fritos. Cherish doggie kisses. Laugh. Start the day sipping a cup of hazelnut coffee. Always have paperclips on hand. Look a flower in the face. Have a junk drawer. Interrupt almost anything to have fun. Seek new ideas. Read with passion. Give up and have a glass of wine. Laugh a lot. Have goals. Savor an ordinary day.

Reflection has shown me that ... You don't have to be en pointes to love ballet. I am a legacy from all women who have preceded me. After 14 years, I still miss Mama. Perfection is not required. It doesn't matter anyway. Wisdom comes through quiet times. Life is a miracle. Obsessions are not always a bad thing. It's important to say "good morning" to God. Flights of fancy uplift. Peace comes when my little corner of the world is safe. I have so many things to tell Daddy. All stand as equals before God and illness. I can't find anything.

Wanda Lane is the author of "Wrinkles in Paradise." She lives in Sun City Hilton Head with her husband and their dachshund, Wolfie.

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