America needs to rethink its spending priorities

info@islandpacket.comJuly 31, 2013 

Now let me get this straight: We are recovering from one of the largest worldwide economic meltdowns we have seen in our lifetimes, yet we are still giving away taxpayer dollars to people who hold a large portion of our national debt, sending money and weapons to Egypt and Syria, committing $7 billion to an African power source, sending $700 million to Russia to build helicopters for Afghanistan and searching for Jimmy Hoffa's remains.

We're spending money that could be better used to help our returning veterans, who have been physically and mentally maimed in political-economic wars brought on by our government's misguided efforts to preserve energy flow and be the proselytizers of democracy.

Back to throwing our tax dollars down money pits. James Madison, who was the architect of our Constitution, once noted that he could find nothing in that Constitution authorizing the federal government to give away constituents' money.

This is not an attack on any single party, but rather an indictment of what our government has become.

Every stupid action, all federal unintended consequences, have been masked by the American people's work ethic and reluctance to fail. Our senators and representatives are spendaholics, and we are the enablers.

It's time for tough love. Wake up and tell our legislators that enough is enough. We are not working our butts off to fix the effects of other people's choices, neither foreign nor domestic.

Bill Kuttruff

Hilton Head Island

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