Don't force customers to watch only Fox News

info@islandpacket.comJuly 31, 2013 

I recently had a very long wait in an area business, and the room was crowded. The only seat was directly in front of a large-screen TV that was tuned to Fox News.

I found this offensive and asked that the channel be changed. The employees told me that they are not allowed to change the channel. I know some people like that channel, but there are many who do not. If Fox News is on, why not MSNBC right next to it? Now that would be "fair and balanced." Or be fair to all and have CNN, a more neutral channel, on the TV.

I and a growing number of people who are tired of the hate in our politics have decided never to do business with any company that refuses to respect our differences and not subject us to Fox News, which we would never have on in our living rooms. I hope doctor's offices and other businesses begin to realize that propaganda is not what customers wish to see when paying for a service.

Turn off Fox News, provide both sides with MSNBC, or go middle of the road with CNN. If you feel the same, follow our example and do business with those who respect our differences.

Barbara Kelly


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