Recreation Results, July 31

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Argent Lakes

Results of 18-hole Couples Blind Partners event held July 21; 1. Bob Slusser and Anna Proctor; Bob Klein and Pat Bingham; 2. Bill and Mary Turner; John and Caroline Reneau; 3. Larry and Sheila Fraley; Allan and Jean Cosgrove; 4. Robert and Becky Zuendel; Pat and Sue Palmese; 5. Clif George and Rita Novak; Gary and Bev Lausch; 6. Bill and Marti Abel; Larry Resnick and Kim Hagenbach.

Results of tournament held July 25; Flight 1 -- 1. Vicki Vik, 2. Jan Muhrenberg, 3. Anna Procter, 4. Harriet Bender, 5. Anita Tuney; Flight 2 -- 1. Kathy Haas, 2. Marta Yelverton, 3. Diane Gibson, 4. Diane Foster, 5. Mary Ellen Berdine, 6. Joan Turner; Flight 3 -- 1. Sandi Antonacio, 2. Betty Smith, 3. Barbara Partridge; Flight 4 -- 1. Dorothy Brown.

Island West

Results of Men's day tournament held July 25; Format: 2 best balls of four; 1. Stephen Petro, Jim Padgett, Steven Sheetz, Bill Hobson; 2. Gary Goodridge, Thomas Dardaris, Ronald Bradley, Francis Raffaele.

Lady's Island

Results of Men's Golf Association tournament held July 25; Format: Two Man Team Scramble; 1. Bob Kiessling and John Sheppard; 2. John Dansby and Powell Christian; 3. Tom Burnett and Ben Franklin; Closest to the Pin -- Frank Vasata, Bob Kiessling, Jake Snider.

Rose Hill

Results of MGA Men's Day tournament held July 20; Format: 2 Net better ball of 4; 1. Ernie Hannin, Rich Johnson, Al Harris, Ed Varcho; 2. Fran Richards, Jay Parks, Dave Bullett, Greg Vavoso; Low Net -- Fran Richards; Closest to the Pin -- Ed Scott.

Results of MGA Men's Day tournament held July 23; Format: Skins Game, Flighted; Flight 1 -- Dick Timcoe, Jerry Wells, Jack Diver, Dave Bullett, Tod Powers; Flight 2 -- George Edell, Bob Wright, Greg Vavoso, Ed Scott, Len Marino; Low Net -- Jerry Wells; Closest to the Pin -- Dave Bullett.

Results of MGA Men's Day held July 27; Format: Best 3 of 4; 1. Jerry Wells, Mike Danyi, Dick Timcoe, Bob Wright; 2. Fran Richards, John Carroll, Dave Bullett, Len Marino; Low Net -- Len Marino; Closest to the Pin -- Mike Danyi.

Senior Men's Golf Association

Results of tournament held July 29 at The Golf Club at Indigo Run; Format: 2 better ball of 4; 1. David Denton, Steve Mayconich, Jack McDonnell, Dale Stauffer; 2. Jack Hunter, Jonathan Sherwood, Ron Cecil, Jim Risko; 3. John Schafer, Tony Karnas, Fred Wolf, Robert Smith; 4. Marvin Lich, Howard Keys, Tom Rochon, Charlie Michael; Closest to the Pin -- Jack Hunter, John Winnestaffer, Dale Stauffer, George Jones III.

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