Nation misses chance for a teachable moment

info@islandpacket.comJuly 29, 2013 

It was a teachable moment, but the NAACP, black activists and our white-black president blew it. They all could have made great strides forward in race relations with an apology to George Zimmerman and all Americans.

The liberal media made an erroneous assumption that the case was about a white racist killing an innocent black youth and stayed with that line throughout. They railed about "stand your ground" laws. Black America picked that up as fact and stayed with it even in the face of contrary trial evidence.

Make no mistake: this was about race, just not the way the mainstream media and Al Sharpton, et al., wanted it to be. Trayvon Martin was the racist. Martin was the aggressor. It was about "stand your ground," but Martin chose to stand his ground and attack when there was no threat. Zimmerman defended himself.

The trial and the verdict was a teachable moment. Black activists, I mean those who truly want to help race relations, and black community leaders should make Martin the poster boy for what not to be, rather than portraying him as a poor innocent victim, which he was not.

Raymond Renneberg


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