Anachronistic SC law needs to be changed

info@islandpacket.comJuly 29, 2013 

As a Sun City Hilton Head resident, I am very grateful to state Rep. Bill Herbkersman for his effort to amend an 1802 law that prohibits card playing in a building that has a liquor license.

This law makes it illegal to play cards in a brand new clubhouse furnished with very nice card tables, which are now going unused. The bridge and mahjong players who once enjoyed the facility have now been unceremoniously banned.

Do these bridge, mahjong and canasta players present such a risk to the community and to their own moral fabric? Who thinks so? Why do they think so?

This appears to be a woefully anachronistic and needlessly oppressive law that many of our state legislators apparently are afraid to correct. Afraid of whom? People who have not read the law? People who want to obfuscate facts with this totally unrelated video poker poppycock?

It would be a good idea for those who oppose Herbkersman to actually read the law he is trying to correct. This law also makes it unlawful to play the card game Fish with a grandchild by the pool.

Politics is a rough game, and in this instance, Herbkersman is a voice crying in the wilderness. This type of needlessly oppressive law is beneath the dignity of South Carolina.

Allan Strange


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