President fails to act to bring racial unity

info@islandpacket.comJuly 26, 2013 

The president has jumped on the Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson racial-profiling wagon with his recent comments. He should rise above these two self-serving extortionists, who feather their nests by fanning the flames of racial divide.

Was this an effort to buoy his sinking popularity, especially with black Americans, who are realizing the failures of his ill-conceived "hope" and "change" policies?

Thirty-five years ago Barack Obama was 17, being raised by a white mother and white grandmother in Hawaii and didn't they do a good job? So should he be looking to his past for reasons white people "click" locks, fear or mistrust black people? I think not.

If the president really wants to address black American problems, he should be speaking with the nation, and specifically black groups, about curing the huge black-on-black crime problem in our cities, finding ways to lower the large drop-out rates for black American students, and finding ways to lower the large number of unwed black American mothers and the high black unemployment rate. He should be working to empower all black Americans and call for unity.

Why doesn't he visit Detroit or Chicago or the poor areas of Washington to address these issues? Unfortunately, he doesn't want to.

I hope our next president-- whether black, white, man, woman or of any religion -- will call for racial unity and will speak proudly of our great nation as a whole, not making apologies to the world for our greatness.

Michael McNally

Callawassie Island

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