Hoft has 1-shot lead at Hilton Head Amateur

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Jon Piccione watches his shot at the No. 7 hole Saturday morning during the Hilton Head Island Amateur Golf Association's Hilton Head Amateur Championship at the Golf Club at Indigo Run.

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Bluffton's J.D. Hoft shot an even-par 72 on Saturday at The Golf Club at Indigo Run to take a one-shot lead into the final round of the Hilton Head Island Amateur Golf Association Amateur Championship.

Hoft, who won the tournament in 2007, is one stroke ahead of three golfers -- Judson Milam, Matt O'Quinn and nine-time Hilton Head Amateur champion Kevin King. That foursome will tee off from hole No. 1 at 9:50 a.m. Sunday.

Two-time defending champion Rob Simmons is five shots behind Hoft. Fifteen golfers are within five shots of the lead.

Kevin Arnold is on top of the senior division after carding an opening-round 71. He leads by four shots. Steve Molthop is leading the handicap division by one after a net score of 69.

HHIAGA Hilton Head Amateur Championship Scores

Saturday, at The Golf Club at Indigo Run, Hilton Head Island

Championship Flight

J.D. Hoft 36-36--72

Judson Milam 36-37--73

Kevin King 34-39--73

Matt O'Quinn 37-36--73

Bill Fuge 37-37--74

Jeff Wong 37-37--74

Brian Rizzo 39-36--75

Gavin Lindstrom 34-41--75

Jack Bingham 37-38--75

Ryan Knapke-Standen 37-38--75

Benji Gecy 39-37--76

Christopher Finke 38-38--76

Jordan Carpenter 37-39--76

Logan Daber 36-40--76

Trey Testino 39-37--76

Rob Simmons 35-42--77

Bob Collar 42-36--78

Charlie Hall 40-38--78

Ryan Ruggiere 38-40--78

Chandler Vilcheck 41-38--79

Tate Hoisington 39-40--79

Wesley Long 37-42--79

Alex Magowitz 39-41--80

Bob Engler 40-40--80

Charles Lively 41-39--80

Chris Lewis 38-42--80

Chris Lane 39-42--81

Colin Hawkins 41-40--81

Jon Piccione 41-40--81

Alex Kiproff 41-41--82

Eric K. Dollenberg 43-39--82

Joe Bryant 38-44--82

Josh Lauener 42-40--82

Robert Wyrick II 40-42--82

Mike Tracy 43-40--83

Tony Brown 37-47--84

Brooks Moody 40-45--85

Tim Ferguson 44-41--85

Blake Mitchell 45-41--86

Chris Cuneo 44-42--86

Jamie Manning 43-44--87

P.J. Tanner 45-42--87

Trent Hoisington 39-48--87

Parker Mulford 46-43--89

Bo Madeo WD

Brian Langley NS

Senior Flight

Kevin Arnold 34-37--71

Eric Dollenberg 38-37--75

Joe Vignati 38-37--75

Karl Rosenbohm 39-38--77

Gibby Young 40-39--79

Chris Morris 45-35--80

Doug Ballanger 42-38--80

Rick Thrasher 43-38--81

John Vignale 43-41--84

Bill Grant 43-42--85

Gary Perkins 47-46--93

Handicap Flight -- Gross

Tony Gonring 37-40--77

Geoff Bickerton 39-40--79

Steve Molthop 36-43--79

Brian Gecy 42-38--80

Ed Clayton 39-42--81

Jay Wilson 40-42--82

Steven Holt 43-39--82

Steve Henry 40-43--83

Brad Phillips 46-40--86

Kent Moody 44-42--86

Dave DeDecker 46-42--88

Brian Arpaia 47-43--90

Michael Clemeti 42-51--93

Jim Criswell 48-46--94

Randy Bradshaw 47-47--94

Ray Clarke 44-50--94

Russell Anderson NC

Handicap Flight -- Net

Steve Molthop 31-38--69

Steven Holt 37-33--70

Tony Gonring 33-37--70

Jay Wilson 35-38--73

Brian Arpaia 39-35--74

Brian Gecy 39-35--74

Ed Clayton 36-39--75

Geoff Bickerton 37-38--75

Ray Clarke 34-41--75

Steve Henry 36-39--75

Kent Moody 39-38--77

Brad Phillips 43-37--80

Dave DeDecker 43-39--82

Michael Clemeti 36-46--82

Jim Criswell 46-44--90

Randy Bradshaw 45-45--90

Russell Anderson NC

HHIAGA Hilton Head Amateur Championship Tee Times

Sunday, at The Golf Club at Indigo Run, Hilton Head Island

No. 1 Tee

8:30 am -- Gary Perkins, Bill Grant, John Vignale

8:40 am -- Rick Thrasher, Doug Ballanger, Chris Morris, Gibby Young

8:50 am -- Karl Rosenbohm, Joe Vignati, Eric Dollenberg, Kevin Arnold

9 am -- Bob Engler, Alex Magowitz, Chandler Vilcheck, Tate Hoisington

9:10 am -- Wesley Long, Ryan Ruggiere, Charlie Hall, Benji Gecy

9:20 am -- Bob Collar, Rob Simmons, Trey Testino, Logan Daber

9:30 am -- Jordan Carpenter, Christopher Finke, Ryan Knapke-Standen, Jack Bingham

9:40 am -- Gavin Lindstrom, Brian Rizzo, Jeff Wong, Bill Fuge

9:50 am -- Matt O'Quinn, Kevin King, Judson Milam, J.D. Hoft

No. 10 Tee

8:30 am -- Randy Bradshaw, Jim Criswell, Michael Clemeti, Dave DeDecker

8:40 am -- Brad Phillips, Kent Moody, Steve Henry, Ray Clarke

8:50 am -- Geoff Bickerton, Ed Clayton, Brian Gecy, Brian Arpaia

9 am -- Jay Wilson, Tony Gonring, Steven Holt, Steve Molthop

9:10 am -- Parker Mulford, Trent Hoisington, P.J. Tanner, Jamie Manning

9:20 am -- Chris Cuneo, Blake Mitchell, Tim Ferguson, Brooks Moody

9:30 am -- Tony Brown, Mike Tracy, Robert Wyrick II, Josh Lauener

9:40 am -- Joe Bryant, Eric K. Dollenberg, Alex Kiproff, Jon Piccione

9:50 am -- Colin Hawkins, Chris Lane, Chris Lewis, Charles Lively

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