Recreation Results and Tee Times, July 21

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Country Club of Hilton Head

Results of WGA tournament held July 17; Format: One Best Ball of Four; 1. Janet White, Beth Taylor, Joane Sambuchino, Terri Crane; 2. Sue Boughton, Mary Georgopulos, Jane Hudson, Pat Ralff; Closest to the Pin -- Ruth Schroeder, Barb Sessler.

Results of MGA tournament held July 18; Forma: Individual Stableford - Monthly Medalist; Flight 1 -- 1. Dave Palmetier, 2. Chris Bistany, 3. Tony Andreano; Flight 2 -- 1. Krist Salmi, 2. Harry Peterson, 3. Ed McLaughlin; Flight 3 -- 1. Bill Clark, 2. Frank Brill, 3. Tom Hough; Closest to the Pin -- Bill Smith, Harry Peterson.

The Golf Club at Indigo Run

Results of Ladies day tournament held July 16; Format: Shamble; 1. Anita Jewell, Marianne Kinsey, Lillian LeBlanc, Joan Burns, Leslie Dickler, Lori Witz, Kay Flint, Juliann Foster (blind draw); Closest to the Pin -- Katie Jones.

Results of Men's day held July 17; Format: Club Special; 1. Gerry Beauclair, Howard Madsen, Art LeBlanc, Dick Ryan; 2. Don Creamer, Floyd McKeag, Charles Laine, Jack Conlon; 3. Chuck Helton, Dick Ryan, Jim Delmore, Joe Carter; 4. Bill Eisenman, Gene Cook, Rick Hayward, Stan Jewell; Closest to the Pin -- Bob Smith, Chuck Helton, Jim Kelly, Bob Buczynski.

Hidden Cypress

Results of WGA 18 Hole League tournament held July 4; 1. Barbara Gonsalves, Jan North, Dale Finn, Sharon Martin; 2. Anita Fox, Dianne Couper, Amy Brownell, Connie Davidson; 3. Jan Wagner, Harriet Bender, Ginny Stepko, Janet Haysom.

Hilton Head Island Junior Golf Association

Results of Parent-Junior Alternate Shot Event held Monday at Island West GC; Format: 9 holes; Boys -- W. Long/R. Long 35; Girls -- K.Nizolek/M.Nizolek 39

Results of Parent-Junior Alternate Shot Event held Tuesday at Pincrest GC; Boys -- J.Griz/P.Griz 40; Girls -- R. Hubbard/M.Hubbard 64 (moc)

Lady's Island

Results of Men's Golf Association held July 18; Format: Best Net AD-BC; 1. Frank Vasata, Tom Burnett, Ben Franklin, Bob deGuzman; Closest to the Pin -- Jack Shaffer, Ben Franklin, Alan Westcob.

Moss Creek

Results of Ladies day held July 17; Format: Partner's Better Nine; Flight 1 -- 1. D. Hengemuhle, B. Lozan, B. Lozan, K. Wirtzberger; Flight 2 -- 1. C. Beck, E. Roberts; 2. (tie) B. Kindred, K. Eyet, J. Sawyer, B. Wilson.

Results of Ladies nine tournament held July 18; Format: ABC Scramble; 1. (tie) C. Ballard, D. Lane, K. Quirk, B. Wilson, S. Reiter, L. Bittner, E. Himes, S. Kaminski, K. Prechtel.

Palmetto Hall

Results of Women's Golf Association tournament held July 16; 1. (Tie) Deb Korthase and Amber McElhaney; 2. Verlyn Beck and Ronnie Raddin; Low Gross -- Deb Korthase; Birdies -- Deb Korthase; Closest to the Pin -- Jane Aurandt.

Results of tournament held July 17; Format: Best 1/2/3 (By 6's); 1. Ron Tindall, Tanner Blair, Gus Christ, Bob Richardson; 2. Mickey McAlexander, Bobby Allen, Roy Haynes, Bob Holben; 3. Dick LaBonte, Art Loeben, Bob Poveromo, Fred McNamee; Closest to the Pin -- Ira Sedransk, Fred McNamee, Rainer Kuenkel, Dick LaBonte.

Rose Hill

Results of Men's day held July 16; Format: Blind Draw; 1. Bill Shipe, Dick Timcoe, Ed Scott, Len Marino; Low Net -- Bill Shipe; Closest to the Pin -- Bob Williams


Hilton Head Island Junior Golf Association

Monday, at Crescent Golf Club: Boys 18 Holes -- 11:58 T. Mancill, E. Johnson, B.Rindt, W. Long; 12:06 T Hoisington, C. McKinley, B. Moody, Z.Ruhlin; 12:14 J. DeGenova, G.Toriola, S. McDaniel, B. Fick; 12:22 D. Usefora, G. Hurlbut, G.Jester; 12:30 D. Graupner, D. Robinson; Girls 18 Holes -- 12:38 K.Nizolek, N.Lezcano, M. Langs; 12:46 B. Hammonds, J. Tobin, B. Bonham; Boys 9 Holes -- 12:56 B. Dyess, D. Azallion, E. White, C. Ingram; 1:04 A. Ittenbach, C. Farrell, B. Allen, A. Thaller; 1:12 S. Warren, R. Weigel, C. Brill; 1:20 M.Weigel, P.Keber, T. Gulbin

Tuesday, at Rose Hill Golf Club: Boys 9 Holes -- 1:30 J.Griz, M.Green, H.Brill, H.Mancill; 1:40 J. Patterson, R. Weathers, S. Karaba; 1:50 W. Newton, G.Hurlbut, A. Purvis; 2:00 R. Turner, E. Jones; Boys 5 Holes -- 2:10 N.Hawkins, J. Gariti, C. Brino, G. Lezcano; 2:20 P.Tobin, N. Gariti, H. Ackerman; Girls 5 Holes -- 2:30 R. Hibbard, M.Harrison, R. Weaver

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