Verdict of not guilty fair, just for Zimmerman

info@islandpacket.comJuly 19, 2013 

The verdict is in and six courageous ladies put all political correctness aside and brought back the only fair verdict for George Zimmerman -- not guilty.

Of course, many blacks are not happy. They are never happy if events do not go their way, even when the result is fair and just, as this was. Zimmerman has been researched up one side and another by the FBI and probably the CIA and whatever else Attorney General Eric Holder could muster up to find dirt on him prior to his unjust arrest.

The state had no case, but it bowed to political pressure. So after an unjust arrest and a legal and just trial, we now get the furor for civil litigation. Let's not put the country through another crisis just to please racist black activists. This is not good for anybody, and regardless of the outcome, the Martin family will not get their son back.

I guarantee that Holder and President Barack Obama will not let this matter rest until they have their pound of Zimmerman's hide. Shame on them.

Fernand LaBranche


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