Thank you to those who helped save the life of a hawk

letters@beaufortgazette.comJuly 19, 2013 

While working as a volunteer at Rahn's Plantfolks Nursery in Port Royal on June 27, I noticed a hawk just outside the back fence. The bird was on the ground and couldn't seem to lift its head off its chest. Ned Rahn, the owner of the nursery, thought the hawk had something lodged in its throat and caught the hawk with a fishing net. After extracting the hawk from the net, he secured it in a large plastic enclosure and called a local Beaufort veterinarian, Bill Sammons.

Sammons arrived a short time later and grabbed the hawk in the make-shift cage with only a towel to protect his hands. He examined the bird and felt an object in its throat. After a few attempts with a pair of forceps, he succeeded in skillfully extracting a 5.5-inch-long object, the lower leg bones and foot of a squirrel the hawk had unsuccessfully tried to eat and digest.

The scenic beauty, pristine waters and abundant wildlife here in the Beaufort area are compelling reasons we live here and enjoy our surroundings. Ned Rahn and Bill Sammons put that love and appreciation for nature's creatures into action and saved the hawk from certain death. To both gentlemen: Well done.

Hubert M. Jamison

Lady's Island

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