Zimmerman brought on trouble with his actions

info@islandpacket.comJuly 18, 2013 

In a July 15 story, George Zimmerman's brother is quoted as saying, "He's going to be looking over his shoulder the rest of his life."

Ironically, that is what Trayvon Martin had to do in the last few minutes of his life. He was being followed by an overzealous, wannabe cop, who did not follow the policies of his neighborhood committee. He was not supposed to be armed and was to report any incidents and not confront anyone. He also did not follow the instructions of the 911 operator who told him to stay in his truck.

They kept referring to the "stand your ground law" and applied it to Zimmerman. No one thought to apply the same law to Martin. Zimmerman easily could have avoided this whole incident had he not been so intent on being a big hero.

Chuck Fullmer

Sun City Hilton Head

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