All conservatives don't merit anti-Hispanic label

info@islandpacket.comJuly 16, 2013 

A recent letter writer attributes the thought that Latinos have inferior intelligence to the "right-wing" of U.S. political ideology. Espousing such a view is inflammatory, inaccurate and on its face absurd.

How many Latinos hold Cabinet positions in President Barack Obama's "left-wing" administration? How many held similar positions in former President George W. Bush's "right-wing" administration? I can't find one in Obama's Cabinet.

Bush selected Alberto Gonzalez to the highest cabinet position ever held by a Hispanic-Latino in the history of the U.S. He also appointed Carlos Gutierrez and Mel Martinez to his Cabinet.

Instead of attributing ills to a wide class of political ideologues, The Island Packet and the letter writer should exercise better judgment. The target of this belief should have been the writer of the report in question. Attributing such ills to an entire body of loosely defined American voters isn't very "intelligent."

Timothy S. Wyld


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