Recreation Results and Tee Times, July 14

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Bear Creek

Results of Ladies tournament held July 11; Format: Better Ball; 1. Jane Joseph, Judy Matchett; 2. Sue Rodier, Felicia Pascal.

Results of 18-hole ladies tournament held July 11; Format: Better Ball; 1. Ellie Duke, Carol DeKany.

Country Club of Hilton Head

Results of MGA tournament held July 11; Format: Waltz; 1. Tony Andreano, Steve Mayconich, Ed McLaughlin, Bob Clemens; 2. Harry Peterson, Bob von Bremen, Roger Johnson, Dean Hergert (blind); Closest to the Pin -- Steve Horvat.

Dolphin Head

Results of Ladies tournament held July 10; Format: 1 better ball of 3; 1. Pat Carroll, Carol Fellner, Pat Rapp (blind); 2. Bette Taylor, Lynn Lenning, Betsy Crovo.

Fripp Island

Results of tournament held July 8; 1. Thom Lane, Brion Tinsley and Duffy Howard; 2. Richards Watts, Jim Clark and Mike Jahn; 3. Dick Briggs, Gerry Burke and Perminder Bindra; 4. Ed Armstrong, Charlie Richman and Mike Virostek.

Results of the Women's Golf Association event July 9; Format: Scramble with the FIWGA 9 Holers; 1. Linda Sigafoos, Patti Mathews, Sam Taylor and Susan Price; 2. Annelisa Bindra, Nancy Connell, Nancy McKay and Zan Dukes; 3. Deb Merwin, Rita Michals and Sue Ranieri.

The Golf Club at Indigo Run

Results of Men's day held July 10; Format: 2 best ball of 4/Nassau; Front 9 -- 1. Tim Perkins, Bob Buczynski, Art LeBlanc, Keith Sale; 2. Gerry Beauclair, Steve Siegelbaum, Ray Werts, Jeff Kestenbaum; Back 9 -- 1. Tom Young, Frank Colella, Roger Halpin, Stan Jewell; 2. Floyd McKeag, Al Waleko, Dick Sheak, Steve Dickler; Overall -- 1. Gerry Beauclair, Steve Siegelbaum, Ray Werts, Jeff Kestenbaum; 2. Tom Young, Frank Colella, Roger Halpin, Stan Jewell; Closest to the Pin -- Mike Flint, Al Waleko, Marv Lich, Moses Grant.

Hidden Cypress

Results of tournament held July 5; Format: 9 hole couples; Flight 1 -- 1. Bruce and Sue Kline; 2. Bruce and Joan Turner; 3. Tom and Donna Cantwell; Flight 2 -- 1. Allen and Jean Cosgrove; 2. Gary and Bev Lausch; 3. Barry and Betsy DePristo.

Hilton Head Island Junior Golf Association

Results of event held July 8 at Bear Creek GC; Boys 18 holes -- 1. B. Moody 76, 2. B. Rindt 80, 3. D. Hall 82 (moc); Girls 18 holes -- 1. K. Nizolek 75, 2. N. Lezcano 83, 3. M. Wipper 93; Boys 9 holes -- 1. E. White 39, 2. B. Dyess 40, 3. A. Thaller 44; Girls 9 holes -- 1. K. Thorne 42, 2. R. Wohn 52, 3. M. Prince 56

Results of event held July 9 at Spanish Wells GC; Boys 9 holes -- 1. J. Griz 40, 2. J. Jolley 49 (moc), 3. R. Weathers 49; Boys 5 holes -- 1. N. Hawkins 22, 2. J. Gariti 23, 3. G. Lezcano 24; Girls 5 holes -- 1. R. Hubbard 27, 2. M. Harrison 40, 3. R. Weaver 47

Lady's Island

Results of Men's Golf Association held July 11; Format: Power Ball Three Best Net; 1. Bob Kiessling, Larry Beckish, Powell Christian, Bob deGuzman; 2.(tie) George McMurtry, Alan Westcob, Ben Franklin, Chuck Gluck and Frank Porter, John Dansby, Jack Shaffer, John Sheppard; Closest to the Pin -- Larry Beckish, Mike Sinisko, Bob deGuzman, George McMurtry.

Moss Creek

Results of Men's day tournament held July 9; Format: 1,2.3; Flight 1 -- 1. Sam Nutty, Tom McNutt, Jerry Coghlan, Don Muller; Flight 2 -- 1. (tie) Joe Beck, Pete Halsey, Mike Thompson, Ed Bloomer, David Watson, Ron Deserrano, Art Dunlap, Jack Morris.

Results of Ladies day held July 10; Format: Individual Stableford; Flight 1 -- 1. Donna Cawthon, 2. Linda McCarron; Flight 2 -- 1. (tie) Sharon Sommerstein, Sandy Reed; Flight 3 -- 1. Camille Beck; Flight 4 -- 1. (tie) Jeffrie Natale, Belva Wilson.

Results of Ladies nine tournament held July 11; Format: Individual Stableford; 1. J. Crudden, 2. E. Himes; 3. (tie) K. Doran, S. Kaminski, S. Lachenauer; 6. J. Eastman.

Palmetto Hall

Results of Women's Golf Association tournament held 1. Jane Murphy, 2. Amber McElhaney; Low Gross -- Marilyn Zeleznick; Birdies: Jane Murphy, Brigitte Moser; Closest to the Pin -- Brigitte Moser, Laura Hrubi, Amber McElhaney.

Results of Men's group held July 10; Format: Best 3/2/1; 1. Roger Healey, Rainer Kuenkel, Jim Colburn, Al Vingelen; 2. Tim Scanlin, Dave Linka, Joe Wieczorek, Tom Renshaw; 3. David Henson, Richard Miller, Ray McElhaney, Bob Holben; Closest to the Pin -- Richard Miller, Rainer Kuenkel, Don Tuckey, Bob Poveromo, Roger Healey.

Results of Ladies Nine Hole group tournament held July 11; Format: Better Ball; 1. Susan Donnell, Penny Fobes, Carol Renshaw.

Rose Hill

Results of MGA Firecracker tournament held July 6; Format: Step-Aside Scramble; 1. Charlie Morgan, Ann Morgan, Fran Richards, Shirley DeHond; 2. Bill Shipe, George Kelly, Roger Lytle, Barb Lytle; 3. Michael Burnce, Kathy Burnce, Jerry Wells, Pamela Haugner; 4. Jack Diver, Joanne Diver, Tom Fox, Dan Ryan; 5. Frank Bennett, Kay Bennett, Frank Pinto, Janice Pinto; 6. Dave Miller, Linda Miller, Bill Smith, Len Marino; 7. Dick Timcoe, Charlotte Timcoe, Bob Williams; Closest to the Pin -- Jane Gurganus, Fran Richards; Pot-o-gold -- Ann Morgan, Jerry Wells.

Results of tournament held July 9; Format: Whack & Hack; 1. Jerry Wells, Ed Scott, George Edell, Ron Stovall; 2. Bill Shipe, Ernie Hannin, John Klinger, Greg Vavoso; Low Net -- Ron Stovall; Closest to the Pin -- Bill Shipe.


Hilton Head Island Junior Golf Association

Monday, at Island West GC -- 12:55 p.m.: P. Evans, R. Evans; 1 p.m.: T. Mancill, H Mancill, J. Mancill; 1:10 p.m.: C. McKinley, J. McKinley, C. Ingram, Guest; 1:20 p.m.: W. Long, R. Long, R. Morway, Guest; 1:30 p.m.: J. Sims, B. Sims, Guest; 1:40 p.m.: R. Brindt, Guest, A. Ittenbach, D. Ittenbach; 1:50 p.m.: J. DiGenova, Guest, A.Thaller, Guest; 2 p.m.: H. Lopez, Guest, T. Gulbin, Guest; 2:10 p.m.: M. Wipper, Guest, C. Tassone, Guest; 2:20 p.m.: J. Tobin, F. Tobin, L. Anderson, Guest; 2:30 p.m.: K. Nizolek, M. Nizolek, R. Moosbrugger, Guest; 2:40 p.m.: D. Graupner, M. Graupner, Guest; 2:50 p.m.: D. Robinson, Guest, B. Bonham, Guest; 3 p.m.: B. Fick, B. Fick, T. Fick, T. Fick; 3:10 p.m.: S. Warren, F. Warren, P. Keber, Guest

Tuesday, at Pinecrest GC -- 12:30 p.m.: J. Griz, P. Griz, N. Hawkins, Guest; 12:40 p.m.: H. Brill, C. Brill, E. Brill; 12:50 p.m.: N. Garati, J. Garati, Guest; 1 p.m.: A. Purvis, Guest, T. Kriney, Guest; 1:10 p.m.: C. Brino, Guest, M. Harrison, M. Auld; 1:20 p.m.: R. Weaver, Guest, W. Newton, Guest; 1:30 p.m.: J. Jolley, J. Jolley, P. Tobin, F. Tobin; 1:40 p.m.: I. Cruikshank, Guest, H. Ackerman, Guest; 1:50 p.m.: N. Carlson, J. Carlson, B. Carlson; 2 p.m.: J. Patterson, K. Patterson, D. DelGuercio, V. DelGuercio

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