County buys tract ill-suited for purpose

info@islandpacket.comJuly 10, 2013 

I live on Fox Island near the Callawassie General Store. I've been here since 1951. First we had a Ridgeland address, then Beaufort, then Bluffton, then Okatie, then they tried to get us into Port Royal -- and I ain't moved the house one inch.

The other morning, I heard Beaufort County paid $800,000 for 42 acres 3,000 yards away from me. And I'm right on the water in a high velocity hurricane zone. Seems like the county should have sent me a letter or something. At least when you get a new neighbor they give you a pie or something.

Officials say they might put some sort of garbage bundling plant right in the hurricane zone on low land where the runoff will go right in the marsh. A hurricane could wipe out that big, expensive plant.

I suggest they should go further inland to higher ground to avoid hurricanes and pollution.

Frank M. Papy

Fox Island

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