Zach Braff helps a guy propose; sherbet-flavored Oreos; and is the Iron Throne awesome enough?

Posted by PATRICK DONOHUE on July 10, 2013 

The latest installment of MTV's mindless but fun "The Challenge" series airs tonight and, to help celebrate that occasion, Vulture has counted down the top 10 fights in "Challenge" history.

Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin says the Iron Throne in the HBO series is nowhere as "hulking, black and twisted" as the one he imagines.

Should we do away with tipping altogether?

Cheap Trick sues the Canadian Music Festival that nearly killed them in 2011.

Annie Leibovitz on the future of photography.

Pop Chart Lab compiles a visual compendium of sneakers.

Do diet drinks mess up your metabolism?

What will it cost to rent a hovercraft golf cart?

A Canadian man and Lego enthusiast was turned away from Legoland in Florida because he was not accompanied by a child as the theme park requires.

Sherbet-flavored Oreos. No, really.

Criminal Pro Tip: Don't rob a store and leave a job application behind.

In honor of the forthcoming Saul Goodman show, Esquire compiles a list of TV spinoffs they'd like to see.

If this infomercial is to be believed, NeverWet looks AWESOME

Zach Braff aids in this totally sweet proposal video. Have some tissues ready. 

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