Recreation Results, July 10

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Bear Creek

Results of Independence Day tournament held July 4; 18-Hole Mixed -- 1. Tom and Jenny Brymer; Larry Bentley and Judy McLaughlin; 2. Lee and Terri Ozley; Jim and Florence Willard; 3. Richard and Carol DeKany; Susan Aldworth and blind; 18 hole men -- 1. John Wayk, Thomas Foley, Gerhard Gartner; 9-hole mixed -- 1. Stan and Ellie Duke; Dave and Evie McCandless; 2. Jack and Joanne Gray; Marv Caretsky and Carol Brown; Closest to the Hole -- 1. Terri Ozley, Jim Lowder.

Country Club of Hilton Head

Results of WGA tournament held July 3; Format: Scramble; 1. Ruth Larson, Mary Mittelberg, Kay Vance; Closest to the Pin -- Bev Holmes.

Results of Men's day held July 6; Format: The Waltz; 1. Dave Palmetier, Dwight Hunting, Jim Walczy, Frank Brill; 2. Bob Rusche, Blair Charles, Barry Grote, Bob Clemens; Closest to the Pin -- Dave Palmetier, Kent Mittelberg.

Island West

Results of Men's day held July 4; Format: Individual Low Net; 1. Charles Michael; 2. Eddie Iannacone, Bob Heck, Richard Davies; Closest to the Pin -- Steve Richards, Johnny Moralez, Richard Davies, Fred Palcho.

Moss Creek

Results of Ladies day held July 3; Format: Net Two Best Balls of Four; 1. (tie) Audrey Burke, Georgene Risko, Barbara Kindred (blind); Sharon Sommerstein, Camille Beck, Kathy Eyet, Jeffrie Natale; Terri Haley, Miriam Fulling, Lauretta Anderson (blind); Linda Mikkelson, Ellen McElreath, Barbara Platter, Penny Calf.

Results of Mixed Member-Member tournament held July 4; Format: Four-Person Scramble; Flight 1 -- 1. Judy and John Kittelberger; Donna and Bill Cawthon; 2. Dick Hunter/Jim Andersen; Ron Noel/Bob Lachenauer; Flight 2 -- 1. Georgene and Jim Risko; Linda and Jim McCarron; 2. Andy and Norm Argast; Sue and Dan Coll; Flight 3 -- 1. Kathy and Dick Eyet, Loreli and Charlie Waller; 2. Sandy and Bill Weagly, Marty and Dan Dunning; Flight 4 -- 1. Elaine and Mike Himes, Barbara and Bill Kindred; 2. Linda and Don Muller; Gail and Frank Marchand; Closest to the Pin -- John Kittelberger, Randi Jones.

Palmetto Hall

Results of tournament held July 3; Format: Modified Stableford; 1. Tim Scanlin, Art Loeben, Bob Holben; 2. Bobby Allen, Rainer Kuenkel, Ira Sedransk, Al Vingelen; 3. Bob Turner, Rick Kasper, Bob Poveromo, Jim Williams; Closest to the Pin -- Jim Webb, Jim Colburn, Bob Turner, Bob Wallhaus, Tom Cumming, Mickey McAlexander, Roy Haynes.

Sea Pines Country Club

Results of Men's tournament held July 3; Format: Individual Stableford; 1. Billy Sterne, 2. Jim Campbell, 3. Allen Skinner, 4. David O'Connor.

Senior Men's Golf Association

Results of tournament held July 8 at Dataw Island (Cotton Dike); Format: Better ball of Partners; 1. Jim Beard, Michael Gannon; 2. Tony Karnas, Patrick Keefe; 3. James Walsh, Ken Buckalew; 4. Gary Goodridge, David Zander; 5. Dan Hoffman, Bob Champigny; 6. Terry Marvel, Steve Richards; 7. George White, Donald Herring; 8. Herb Wehner. Dick Morrow; 9. Tom Barecca, Russell Piccioni; 10. Robert Fulton, Charlie Boles; 11. Larry Archibald, William Brown; 12. Craig Onofry, Richard Smreczak; 13. Richard Hunter, Jimmy Andersen; 14. David Glover, Dan Glass; 15. T. Jackson Case Jr., Bruce Siebold; Closest to the Pin -- John Butzer, Dan Hoffman, Gene Helton, Michael Jenner.

Spanish Wells

Results of Men's day tournament held July 5; Format: Individual Nassau; Front 9 -- (tie) Harry Jewett and Dick Rigler; Back 9 -- (tie) Chet Rozof and Larry Sauer; Overall -- Jim Benford; Skins -- Jim Benford, Harry Jewett, Chet Rozof, Joe Steiner.

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