Stand up for rights, not narrow-mindedness

info@islandpacket.comJuly 9, 2013 

It is ironic that on the day the United States celebrates its independence and constitutional rights, there are those who wish to curtail the rights of others.

Specifically, I am concerned by a letter authored by writers who, it appears, desire to deny at least three of these rights to writers of a previous letter who expressed their displeasure with the Arts Center of Coastal Carolina's production of "Chicago."

To the writers who were pleased with the production, it is good that you enjoyed the play and that you listed the reasons why. You certainly have the right to do so. The same rights that you exercised -- freedom of speech and freedom to express views in print -- also apply to the expressions of all, even if you may not agree.

It is disturbing, however, when the writers continue, stating the previous writers' "religious convictions would be best kept to themselves" considering that along with freedom of speech, the Constitution guarantees each citizen the practice and free expression of one's religious beliefs.

Please remember, not everyone has the same tastes, standards or belief systems, but we all have a right to our beliefs and the freedom to express them.

Let us, as citizens of the United States of America, stand firm on our Constitution, not political correctness nor narrow-mindedness.

Susan L. Cope


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