Recent news prompts many questions on issues

info@islandpacket.comJuly 5, 2013 

Nobody asked me, but:

• Why did the president tell the storm victims in New Jersey that he would eliminate, in his words, the governmental red tape associated with damage claims, yet disabled veterans wait seemingly forever for their help from the Veterans Administration? Does anybody in the government really care about these folks?

• How can our legislators continually pass laws that none of them reads?

• Whatever happened to transparency, or is that just one more broken campaign promise from this administration?

• Does anyone else out there wonder how domestic terrorist Bill Ayers ever got a job teaching in an American university? Was his association with the radical Weather Underground a plus on his resumè?

• Would it make sense for the NSA to store highly sensitive documents in the same place that Obama's academic records from Occidental, Columbia and Harvard are kept? No one will ever get that information.

• Did Valerie Jarrett help the president with his NCAA basketball brackets this year, or does he just rely on her judgment for routine things, such as running the country?

• Why does the Affordable Care Act seem to be anything but affordable?

• As a cost savings measure, would it make sense to eliminate as unnecessary the Committee on Government Ethics?

Kevin Baruth


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