Annual car inspection could improve SC roads

info@islandpacket.comJuly 1, 2013 

Why is it that at every turn, the state of South Carolina wants to raise taxes?

The summer crowd isn't enough to tax, so it is put on all residents -- whether it is a penny sales tax or a tax on gasoline.

I have a suggestion that I sent to Gov. Nikki Haley last year: Require a vehicle inspection and charge $60 a year. If the vehicle fails the inspection, the owner would have a week to fix it and return it to be inspected again. If they do not return, they would be cited and fined for not following state law.

This would create money for road repair that is much needed. It would also remove vehicles with illegally tinted glass, trash hanging from mirrors, etc. All residents who keep their car serviced properly would not have to worry, and maybe it would save on our insurance and remove uninsured vehicles from the road.

Robert E. Williams


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