Recreation Results, June 30

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Argent Lakes

Results of tournament held June 13; Format: Blind Partners Net; Flight 1 -- 1. Bobbie Callaway/Carol Kaminski; 2. Maureen O'Hara/Anna Proctor; 3. Ann Tullie/Sandy Tooley; Flight 2 -- 1. Joan Turner/Amy Brownell; 2. Peg Marino/Dale Finn; 3. Dianne Couper/Kathy Murphy; Flight 3 -- 1. Betty Smith/Sue West.

Results of 9 Hole Couples tournament held June 21; 1. Frank and Lydia Rettich; 2. Jim and Sandra Hughey; 3. Ron and Sue West; 4. Allan and Jean Cosgrove.

Bear Creek

Results of Men's day held June 26; Format: Two on One and Ten; 1. Richard Carlton, Dale Peters, Larry Bentley; 2. J.C. Fisher, Garry Cuoco, George Gorski-Popiel.

Results of Ladies tournament held June 27; Format: Stableford Points; 1. Jo Nuce; 2. Gini Holihan, Terry Hicks.

Results of 18-hole ladies tournament held June 27; Format: Stableford Points; Flight A -- 1. Jenny Brymer, 2. Casey Vanderveer; Flight B -- 1. Carol DeKany, 2. Jane Joseph.

Country Club of Hilton Head

Results of WGA tournament held June 26; Format: 2 better ball of 4 Nassau; Front 9 -- Janet White, Beverly Holmes, Barbour Childress, Jan Powell; Back 9 -- Ruth Larson, Lauri Van Neil, Beth Taylor, Kathy Eisenhart; Total: Mary Shanahan, Marjorie Borenstein, Margita Rockstroh, Kay Vance; Closest to the Pin -- Mary Shanahan, Marjorie Borenstein.

Results of MGA tournament held June 27; Format: 6-6-6; 1. Denny Jones, Steve Mayconich, Pat Russell, Bob Clemens; Closest to the Pin -- Tom Vater.

Dolphin Head

Results of Nifty Niners held June 26; Format: 1 better ball of 2; 1. Susan Silver, Marsha Kimble; 2. Marilyn Rego, Arline Jenkinson.

Results of Ladies tournament held June 26; 1. Pat Rapp, Martha Myers, Connie Hooper; 2. Carolyn Cubley, Kay Bennett, Elaine Letizia.

Fripp Island

Results of June 24; Format: Best Ball Alternate Shot and Scramble; 1. Pat O'Donohue and Gerry Burke; 2. Larry Mathias and Phil Weber; 3. Paul Cuffe and Mike Marusha; 4. Jim Quaforth and Al Riccio; 5. Ray Atherton and Gary Bond; 6. Al Koehler and Ed Armstrong.

Results of the Women's Golf Association event held June 25; Format - Net Birdies; 1. Chris Assaf, Micki McCormick and Susan Price; 2. Kathryn Woolley, Sue Ranieri and Susan Briggs.

The Golf Club at Indigo Run

Results of tournament held June 24; Format: Mystery Nine; 1. Marianne Kinsey, Barb Hynes, Darcel Werts, Juliann Foster; 2. Ann Delmore, Judi Kestenbaum, Joan Burns, Lynn Fitzpatrick; Closest to the Pin -- Bridget Onda.

Results of Men's day held June 26; Format: Club Special; 1. Bill Stinnett, Bill Fitzpatrick, Jim Costa Tom Briley; 2. Vinny DiCanio, Frank Raiti, Jim Delmore, John Kern; 3. Bill Eisenman, Frank Colella, Art LeBlanc, John Bauman; 4. Gary Ghent, Gerry Beauclair, Steve Tibey, Chris Tibey; Closest to the Pin -- Beau Patterson, Howard Madsen, Tom Young, Jim Kelly.

Lady's Island

Results of Men's Golf Association tournament held June 27; Format: Individual Point Quota By Flight; Flight A: 1. George McMurtry, 2. Bob Kiessling; Flight B: 1. John Donat, 2. Alan Westcob; Flight C: 1. Ben Franklin, 2. Bob deGuzman; Flight D: 1. John Sheppard, 2. Jack Shaffer; Closest to the Pin -- Mike Sinisko, Alan Westcob, Bill Peters.

Moss Creek

Results of Men's day held June 25; Format: 1-2-3 tournament; Flight 1 -- 1. L. Richardson, G. Jones, H. Sawyer, P. Schulz; Flight 2 -- 1. J. Risko, R. Hudson, J. beck, K. Siebers; Flight 3 -- 1. (tie) D. Neff, E. Bloomer, S. Strelcheck, J. Morris, B. Althans, R. Eyet, E. Everett, D. Philips.

Results of Ladies day held June 26; Format: 1 best ball of 2 (net); Flight 1 -- 1. (tie) J. Alpert, S. Sommerstein, A. Burke, K. Wirtzberger; Flight 2 -- 1. N. Everett, Ballard; Flight 3 -- 1. J. Gibbons, M. Fulling.

Results of Ladies nine tournament held June 27; Format: Low Putts; 1. L. Waller; 2. (tie) J. Eastman, K. Myer, MJ Reeves, S. Lachenauer; 6. C. Brennan, J. Heyboer, DA Lane.

Palmetto Hall

Results of tournament held June 26; 1. Bobby Allen, George Salemi, Fred McNamee; 2. Tom Raddin, Joe Wieczorek, Tom Cumming, George Violand; 3. Tim Scanlin, Rainer Kuenkel, Richard Miller; Closest to the Pin -- Tom Cumming, Tom Raddin, Dave Lainhart, David Henson.

Rose Hill

Results of MGA Men's day held June 22; Format: Best 3 of 4; 1. Bill Shipe, Jack Diver, Dick Timcoe, Len Marino; 2. Pat Gurganus, Jay Parks, George Kelly, Greg Vavoso; Low Net -- Bill Smith; Closest to the Pin -- Mike Danyi.

Results of MGA Men's Day held June 25; Format: 2 Man Scramble; 1. Bill Shipe/Greg Vavoso; 2. Jack Diver/Len Marino; 3. Dick Timcoe/George Edell; Closest to the Pin -- George Edell.

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