Put people, Constitution back in charge of country

info@islandpacket.comJune 27, 2013 

Edward Snowden revealed that the National Security Agency monitored domestic phone calls, emails and cyber communications between and among Americans.

Indicted for espionage, Snowden is accused of being a traitor by both Democrats and Republicans. They say he jeopardized American security, exposing all of us to terrorist attack.

His flight to Hong Kong and beyond is troubling. But ask yourself, what national security secrets were revealed? Sensitive intelligence methods and sources remain secure. The only secret Snowden revealed is that the NSA acted illegally. He has shown that our Fourth Amendment right to privacy from search and seizure has been trampled.

All of this again demonstrates gross abuse by complicit and unaccountable executive, legislative and judicial branch officials. Money votes every day, but voters only every two years. These abuses demand changing radically the way politicians fund their campaigns.

All corporate donations -- for-profit and not-for-profit -- must be made unconstitutional. Constituents will never be represented by their elected members of the House and Senate until there is a hard bar against contributions by any entity that has no constitutional right to cast a ballot in a polling place. Absent such a bar, Congress will never hold a president or judiciary official accountable to the Constitution.

First Amendment issues will naturally arise here, but must be resolved to allow "we the people" to once again regain respect from our elected representatives and control over our government.

Paul S. Egan


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