Safety, sidewalks should be top concern

info@islandpacket.comJune 26, 2013 

I have lived in Higginsonville for seven years and know it is one of the most neglected neighborhoods in the city of Beaufort. It begins on Rodgers Street, which is the dividing line between Pigeon Point and Higginsonville and the last street with a sidewalk.

We drove around the neighborhood recently and found 15 vacant houses, yet the city plans to build six more houses or units in an already depressed area. They just built two houses on Park Avenue, which alone has seven empty properties.

The most upsetting waste of city money can be seen on Morris Street, where there are 17 inlaid brick crosswalks and double sidewalks on the street. There are parking places all along the street that are inlaid street pavement. This is because it is by the police station and courthouse.

There are no other sidewalks in Higginsonville. The children have to stand in the street in the dark waiting for the school bus. I think sidewalks are a safety issue and are more important than unnecessary housing.

Pamela Mutch Stevens


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