Stand up with those pushing against tyranny

info@islandpacket.comJune 25, 2013 

I regret I was unable to attend the Anti-War/Anti-Amnesty rally on June 19. I fully agree with these patriots.

President Barack Obama's foreign-policy folly is clear in the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the corresponding rise in persecution of Christians in the region. Today, Obama seeks to give dwindling military resources to Syrian rebels at a time when his domestic policies have compromised our ability to replace them. He also seeks to gamble with the blood of our sons and daughters in a conflict in which both sides are at war with us.

The federal government has failed in its primary responsibility to enforce our borders. Abuses of power in the Internal Revenue Service, domestic surveillance of citizens, hostility toward our Second Amendment, centralization of education and the loathsome take-over of the care of our bodies have rendered our leadership untrustworthy at best and in opposition to our interests at worse.

Washington representatives trade the profits of American ingenuity and labor for personal gain, and we are no longer permitted a place at the table we built. All Democrats, as well as Republicans like John McCain and Lindsey Graham and the mainstream media, are on the wrong side of history. We on the right side are rising to our feet.

I am privileged to be with those pushing back against tyrants who would reduce Americans to less than God has ordained us to be and less than the framers of our Constitution intended we become.

Kerry Johnson


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