Higher tax rate means higher prices for you

info@islandpacket.comJune 23, 2013 

Beaufort County residents, you are being invited to open your wallets and hand over more of your money to the bloated Beaufort County government.

On Monday, County Council will have the final vote on its 2013-2014 budget. It contains a two-prong increase to county taxes -- "rolling up" the tax rate and increasing the rate by 4.32 percent, the maximum allowed by law. The council chairman wrote in an email to me "all millage increases or decreases apply to any taxable property that is subject to county operating millage."

This means the tax rate on vehicles, boats and business personal property. Rents will increase not only because of the new property tax rate, but also because of taxes on the refrigerator, stove, washer/dryer and any other items furnished in the home. The next time you go to the grocery store, look around. Every object, from the cash registers and counters to the shopping carts, are taxed.

The cost of good and services you buy will increase when they are passed on to you the consumer. Yes, your real estate property taxes will increase only $15 on a $200,000 primary residence, but you'll see the tax rate's effects on everything you pay for in your daily life.

I will be at the County Council chambers on Monday to speak out. Will you?

Ann Ubelis


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