Recreation Results and Tee Times, June 23

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Bear Creek

Results of 9-hole ladies tournament held June 20; 1. Evie McCandless, 2. Gillian Spooner, 3. Gini Holihan.

Country Club of Hilton Head

Results of WGA tournament held June 19; Format: Individual Chicago; Flight 1 -- 1. Ruth larson, 2. Chris Kohlhepp; Flight 2 -- 1. Mary Georgopulos, 2. Marjorie Borenstein; Flight 3 -- 1. Jan Powell, 2. Kay Vance; Closest to the Pin -- Ruth Larson.

Results of MGA tournament held June 20 ; Format: Monthly Medalist - Low Net; Monthly Medalist -- Denny Jones; Flight 1 -- 1. Denny Jones, 2. Tom Vater; Flight 2 -- 1. Steve Mayconich, 2. Pat Russell; Flight 3 -- 1. Steve Horvat, 2. Frank Brill; Closest to the Pin -- Steve Mayconich.

The Golf Club at Indigo Run

Results of Men's day tournament held June 12; Format: 2 best ball of 4; 1. Vinny DiCanio, Al Rosenberg, Steve Tibey, John Baumann; 2. Chuck Helton, Dick Harter, Tom Fitzgerald, Larry Schmidt; 3. Jim Costa, Stan Jewell, Tim Howard, Vinny DiCanio; 4. Tim Perkins, George Marshall, Gene Helton, Jack Case; Closest to the Pin -- Gene Cook, Jim Costa, John Costanzo.

Hilton Head Island Junior Golf Association

Results of event held June 17 at Port Royal Golf Club: Boys 18 holes -- 1. Z. Ruhlin 75, 2. J. Phillips 77, 3. T. Hoisington 78; Boys 9 holes -- 1. E. White 38, 1. D. Azallion 38, 2. B. Dyess 39, 3. M. Wiegel 44; Girls 18 holes -- 1. N. Lezcano 83, 2. M. Langs 89, 3. M. Wipper 91; Girls 9 holes -- 1. J. Hubbard 46, 2. K. Thorne 47, 3. R. Wohn 48

Lady's Island

Results of Men's Golf Association held June 13; Format: Two Man Team Scramble; 1. Mike Sinisko and Jack Shaffer; 2. (tie) Frank Porter and Ross Somers, Frank Porter and Powell Christian; Closest to the Pin -- Alan Westcob, Frank Porter, Mike Sinisko.

Results of Men's Golf Association tournament held June 20; Format: Red, White and Gold; 1. Mike Sinisko, John Donat, Powell Christian, Bob deGuzman; 2. Bob Kiessling, Alan Westcob, Ben Franklin, Jack Shaffer; Closest to the Pin -- John Donat, Larry Beckish, Bob Kiessling, Jack Shaffer.

Moss Creek

Results of Men's day tournament held June 18; Format: Individual Stableford; Flight 1 -- 1. (tie) J. McGuinn, R. Obrig, R. Welpott; Flight 2 -- 1. P. Schulz, 2. R. Piccioni; Flight 3 -- T. Patnaude, 2. (tie) C. Eberly, R. Hudson; Flight 4 -- 1. (tie) M. Cromey, J. Beck; Flight 5 -- 1. B. Mott, 2. E. Everett.

Results of Ladies day tournament held June 19; Format: 2 of 4 better ball stableford; Flight 1 -- 1. M. Nieberding, J. McGavisk, A. Barreca, D. Hengemuhle; Flight 2 -- 1. C. Beck, J. Sawyer, J. Minnich, E. Roberts.

Results of Ladies nine tournament held June 20; Format: Tee to Green; 1. M. Barrell; 2. (tie) L. Bittner, C. Brennan; 4. K. Doran, 5. A. O'Neill; 6. (tie) K. Prechtel, J. Patnaude.

Rose Hill

Results of MGA Men's day tournament held June 8; Format: Bridgeman's Best Ball; 1. Pat Gurganus, Jack Diver, Frank Pinto, Ed Varcho; 2. Jerry Wells, Jay Parks, John Carroll, Greg Vavoso; Low Net -- Tod Powers.

Results of MGA Mens Day held June 11; Format: Best 2 of 4; 1. Tom Fox, John Carroll, Bob Williams, Jim Schwarz; 2. Tod Powers, Dave Bullett, Ed Varcho, Don Hemenway; Low Net -- Bob Williams; Closest to the Pin -- Hud Molloy.

Results of MGA Men's Day tournament held June 15; Format: Best 1 of 4; 1. Pat Gurganus, Michael Burnce, Jay Parks, Bill Smith; 2. Hud Molloy, Ernie Hannin, Jerry Hankins, Bob Wright; Low Net -- Bob Williams; Closest to the Pin -- Michael Burnce.

Results of MGA Men's Day tournament held June 18; Format: Blind Bogey (Individual low net); 1. Jack Diver, 2. George Edell, 3. Bill Shipe, Frank Pinto, Ed Varcho; 4. Jim Schwarz, Mike Danyi, John Carroll; Low Net -- Jack Diver; Closest to the Pin -- Frank Pinto.

Senior Men's Golf Association

Results of tournament held June 17; Format: 3-2-1; 1. Gary Bailey, Skip Leonhardt, Paul Resetar, Stanley Jewell; 2. Larry Gould, Bob Lachenauer, Stephen Mayconich, Don Reed; 3. Joseph Ondo, John Waffle, Charlie Michael, Mike Thompson; Closest to the Pin -- Bob Ring, Fred Wolf, Peyton McLamb, Don Reed.


Hilton Head Island Junior Golf Association

Monday, at The Golf Club at Indigo Run

12:30 p.m.: Z. Ruhlin; J. Phillips; A. Orischak; T. Hoisington

12:38 p.m.: T. Mancill; Johnson; P. Hall; B. Moody

12:46 p.m.: W. Long; J. DeGenova; D. Hall; C. McKinley

12:54 p.m.: S. McDaniel; B. Fick; G. Jester

1:02 p.m.: C. Tassone; B. Rindt; J. Sims

1:10 p.m.: J. McKinley; D. Robinson; D. Graupner

1:20 p.m.: N. Lezcano; K. Nizolek; M. Wipper

1:30 p.m.: B. Bonham; L. Anderson

1:40 p.m.: D. Azallion; E. White; B. Dyess

1:50 p.m.: A. Ittenbach; A. Thaller; S. Warren

2:00 p.m.: M. Wiegel, P. Keber; J. Bauer

2:10 p.m.: B. Allen; R. Wiegel; M. Graupner

Tuesday, at Old South Golf Links

9 holes -- 1 p.m.: J. Griz; H. Mancill; H. Brill; 1:08 p.m.: R. Weathers; H. Hawk; D. DelGuercio; 1:16 p.m.: N. Wilson; C. Brino; E. Jones; 1:24 p.m.: J. Eddy; W. Newton; R. Turner

5 Holes -- 1:32 p.m.: R. Hubbard; M. Harrison; 1:40 p.m.: T. Kennedy; G. Lezcano


Low Country Developmental Meet

June 13

Hilton Head Aquatics, Top-3 Finishes:

8 and Under -- Morgan Powell: 1st 25 Breast, 25 Fly, 2nd 25 free; Ella Smiley: 1st 25 free, 3rd 25 breast; Calvin Clayton: 1st 25 Breast, 25 Free, 2nd 25 fly, 25 Back.

10 and Under -- Christian Naddy: 1st 50 Back, 2nd 50 Breast, 50 Fly, 50 Free.

11 and 12 -- Lily Allen: 2nd 50 Breast; Madeline Cunningham: 3rd 50 Free.

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