Who was supervising these whistle-blowers?

info@islandpacket.comJune 20, 2013 

As President Ronald Reagan once quipped, "There they go again."

A 29-year-old has leaked information that has turned our national security interest on its head. First, we had Army Pfc. Bradley Manning with his WikiLeaks disclosures and now Edward Snowden, an overpaid "consultant" and high school dropout, with his surveillance revelations. These two, barely out of adolescence, had enough access, freedom and flexibility to garner and betray the most closely held secrets of the world's superpower. No one else is remotely responsible. Really?

They were free to romp unfettered and gather information in the most sensitive areas of our national security, ostensibly with little supervision, chain of command or limitations to crimp their style. Between them, they barely had a decade of proven, dedicated service, which would certainly have qualified them for ultimate trust and total access to the most sensitive intelligence. Right?

What on earth is going on? Where were the sergeants, lieutenants, majors and colonels in this picture? Why don't we hear about their responsibilities to supervise and ultimately control these adolescents in carrying out their responsibilities? Why is no one else other than these fall guys being held accountable? Is this the best our government can do in handling sensitive material and national security?

George Johnston

Dataw Island

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